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The anx­ious fa­ther and his teenage son sat be­fore the psy­chic. “How far is your son trav­el­ing?” the psy­chic asked. “To the big city,” the man replied, “and he will be gone for a long time.” Hand­ing the fa­ther a tal­is­man (a kind of good-luck charm), he said, “This will pro­tect him wher­ever he goes.”

I was that boy. How­ever, that psy­chic and that tal­is­man could do noth­ing for me. While in that city, I put my faith in Je­sus. I threw away the tal­is­man and clung to Christ. Hav­ing Je­sus in my life guar­an­teed God’s pres­ence.

Thirty years later, my fa­ther, now a be­liever, said to me as we rushed my brother to the hos­pi­tal, “Let us first pray; the Spirit of God goes with you and will be with you all the way!” We had learned that God’s pres­ence and power is our only se­cu­rity.

Moses learned a sim­i­lar les­son. He had a chal­leng­ing task from God—to lead the peo­ple out of bondage in Egypt and into the Promised Land (Ex­o­dus 3:10). But God as­sured him, “I will be with you” (v. 12).

Our jour­ney too is not with­out chal­lenges, but we’re as­sured of God’s pres­ence. As Je­sus told His dis­ci­ples, “I am with you al­ways, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

When the jour­ney seems long and dreary, dear Lord, help me to re­mem­ber that You are trav­el­ing with me.

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