Robin: Don’t touch the birdie

Want pow­ers? Robin Padilla sug­gests you stop beat­ing the bishop

Tempo - - Front Page - By NEIL RAMOS

ROBIN Padilla is at it again. Im­part­ing ac­quired knowl­edge to who­ever, when­ever, that is.

Just re­cently, the ac­tor took to In­sta­gram ad­vis­ing fol­low­ers to shun from self stim­u­la­tion.

We don’t know where or how he got to the point where he felt the need to post the ad­vice but that is in­con­se­quen­tial.

If Padilla is to be be­lieved, do­ing so will only led to great big things short of hav­ing pow­ers, well, spir­i­tu­ally speak­ing, at least.

He isn’t ex­actly sure about it ad­mit­ting he just read it some­where but he at­tested, “Na­gawa ko na nong araw ito af­ter my di­vorce 11 (years) ago. Pagk­a­gal­ing ko ng In­dia af­ter mag aral ng Yoga at Kalar­i­payat (In­dian Mar­tial arts) I lit­er­ally can leap very high and do some fancy kicks, strikes and blows! The en­ergy is flow­ing and burst­ing like a foun­tain!”

As to the prac­tice re­sult­ing to wis­dom and in­tel­li­gence, he pointed to Ma­hatma Gandhi.

“I read a book also about Ma­hatma Gandhi siya rin nag­prac­tice ng celibacy. His wis­dom and in­tel­li­gence daw came from that spir­i­tual power.”

Padilla went on to cau­tion dis­ci­ples tak­ing on the chal­lenge say­ing it will be “very hard” be­cause “wow na wow ang dami ng Babae ngayon.”

“Mag­ing sci­en­tific man, statis­tics man at sex­ual man, out­num­bered ang lalaki sa dami ng pop­u­la­tion ng babae.”

But how about sex­ual in­ter­course it­self, en­light­ened one?

Padilla’s an­swer: “Sex­ual in­ter­course is non-ne­go­tiable but I’m sure mas­tur­bat­ing can be ne­go­tiable.”

Ea­ger to push the agenda, he added, “I also read that men who con­trol their or­gasm in sex­ual in­ter­course can give the women the best or­gasm. The en­ergy that was re­lease(d) by the fe­male will ra­di­ate to the man and back to the women. No en­ergy is wasted all ab­sorbed phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally and spir­i­tu­ally by both.”

As to why he had to in­form peo­ple about this, it is be­cause, some­times

“we have to try dif­fer­ent things to sat­isfy our hunger.”

Uhm, we usu­ally go to the near­est karinde­ria, sir.

In any case, the post has since re­ceived mixed re­ac­tion. A few agreed with Padilla but there are those who were con­fused, an­gered even.

Said one, “Ano ba yan!” “Nope,” said an­other.

One fol­lower ad­mon­ished Padilla say­ing it “is not based on any con­clu­sive sci­en­tific find­ing.”

The ac­tor of­ten gets into trou­ble shoot­ing his mouth off but that has never, ever stopped him from keep­ing at it. Early this year, he was crit­i­cized for nag­ging on a Korean liv­ing here for not know­ing how to speak Filipino and on live TV.

Some thought it rude, un­called for, un-in­formed at best.

But Padilla didn’t see it that way. He said, “Bayan ko ito at handa ako ma­matay any­time para sa bayan ko. Kaya kung sasabi­hin mo sa akin na 10 taon ka na dito, at hindi ka pa rin marunong mag Ta­ga­log, may prob­lema ka.” Scary.

ROBIN Padilla

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