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Races at Metro Turf

start at 1:30 p.m. TIP­STER A – R1: Can You Giub/ Chrism; R2: Hello Ju­nior/Born Unto Bat­tle; R3: Pab­u­long/Hayaku Jabez; R4: All­bymy­self/Baisakhi; R5: Ton­toneeto/ Boy Par­adise; R6: Katana/Azarenka; R7: Red Gold/Cool Toto; R8: Sooner Time/ Pax Bri­tan­nica; R9: Gold­bar/Princess Jem; R10: Show The Whip/Prince Uno; R11: Rise Up/Jersy Crown; R12: More Stripes/Crown In My Head.

TIP­STER B – R1: Can You Giub/ Taranasaka­lyos; R2: Hello Ju­nior/Sharp Re­turn; R3: Pab­u­long/Jack Of Clubs; R4: Kay Ta­ga­log/All­bymy­self; R5 Boy Par­adise/Ton­toneeto; R6: Katana/Leather King; R7: Red Gold/Mother Se­cret; R8:

Sooner Time/The Bar­ris­ter; R9: Gold­bar/Marino Ng Tanglaw; R10: Show The Whip/Spicy Bul­let; R11: Rise Up/Clear Talk; R12: More Stripes/Royal Chica.

TIP­STER C – R1: Can You Giub/Palace In The Sky; R2: Sharp Re­turn/Hello Ju­nior; R3: Hayaku Jabez/Pab­u­long; R4: Baisakhi/All­bymy­self; R5: Ton­toneeto/ Laugh­ing Tiger; R6: Leather King/Keen Alisha; R7: Cool Toto/Red Gold; R8: The Bar­ris­ter/Sooner Time; R9: Princess Jem/ Gold­bar; R10: Show The Whip/Bul­let Grey; R11: Rise Up/Jersy Crown; R12: More Stripes/Marga’s Won­der.

BEST CHOICE: R1: Can You Giub; R2: Hello Ju­nior; R3: Pab­u­long; R4: All­bymy­self; R5:Ton­toneeto; R6: Katana; R7: Red Gold; R8: Sooner Time; R9: Gold­bar; R10: Show The Whip; R11: Rise Up; R12: More Stripes.

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