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Jonathan (ren­dered with Bri­tish ac­cent) is my name. How­ever, I’m used to be­ing called “Kuya J” or “Sir J.” Why? Be­cause some of my friends end up pro­nounc­ing my name as Ju­natan or Juna-tan. So I’d rather be called by my nick­name, “J.” Of course, I some­times end up hear­ing “G” in­stead of “J.” Nev­er­the­less, at least I know what name I’m called.

Cu­ri­ous, I re­searched on the back­ground of my name. One mean­ing trans­lates to “friend,” prob­a­bly rem­i­nis­cent of King David’s best friend, Jonathan, who risked life and limb just for their friend­ship. The other mean­ing is “gift of God.” Whoa! That’s a tall or­der. It’s only by God’s mercy that I even hope to ful­fill ei­ther of my name’s mean­ings.

Friend, by what name are you called? Whether you know its ori­gin or not, God has called us all by name. When Si­mon en­coun­tered Je­sus, he re­ceived a new name, Peter, sig­ni­fy­ing his unique call in the Church. In faith and by God’s grace, he ful­filled the man­date of his name.

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