‘No To Violence, Yes For Peace’

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The influential and one of the Philippines’ biggest religious groups, the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry or JMCIM, has for the second time this year, launched the “Yes for Peace” at the University of the Philippines. Peace advocates, Comon Almeda, Jr. is also including the police and actively involved in the military and government advocacy and Yes for Peace officials have praised the campaign in the country. launching of this and The Yes for Peace, an renewed support to the unfunded, nongovernment JMCIM. initiated peace

Last March, the education and advocacy JMCIM led by Evangelist campaign, is being Pastor Wilde Estrada supported by Department Almeda, launched “Yes for of Education; the Peace – Bayanihan para sa Philippine Postal KKK (Kapayapaan, Corporation, the Kaunlaran at Presidential Kasaganahan)” in support Communications to President Benigno Operations Office; the Aquino’s peace efforts. Philippine Information

The Pastor’s son and Agency; the Philippine namesake, JMCIM News Agency; and the Minister Wilde James National Printing Office, among other groups.

Strong Support Ernesto Angeles Alcanzare, member of the JMCIM and lead organizer of Yes for Peace, also urged the faithful and the public to support the campaign.

Pitching in to support the pursuit of the objectives of Yes for Peace, Commission on Human Rights chairman Jose Luis Martin Gascon, reminded the police and military of their duty to protect the human rights of the Filipino people.

General Hernando DCA Iriberri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, in his statement at the launching of the Yes for Peace, said: “After more than 40 years of battling communist insurgency, we have come to understand that the solution to the problem of fighting among brother Filipinos does not entirely solely depend on the strength of the military. The solution has always been involving people to work together to uplift the condition of our way of life and reject the use of violence to advance our grievances.”

“It is on this note that I would like to thank the “Yes for Peace” program for becoming one of the catalysts for peace, thus becoming part of the solution that could potentially contribute in ending the conflict that has ruined the lives of many and slowed the economic growth and development of our country. Rest assured that the AFP through the Internal Peace and Security Plan Bayanihan will continue its pursuit of peace with utmost respect for human rights and emphasis on the role of our stakeholders. The AFP will remain as the staunch and reliable ally of our peaceloving citizens in wining and securing the peace for our country.”

Police Director General Ricardo Marquez also emphasized that “there is a need to encourage all government agencies to participate in various activities to instil greater public awareness and understanding of the meaning and culture of peace as well as its process.”

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Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry Founder Pastor Wilde Estrada Almeda.

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