Customs intensify efforts vs. sugar smuggling

The Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper - - First Page -

THE BUREAU of Customs has formally deputized representatives from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) and Sugar AntiSmuggling Office of the Sugar Alliance of the Philippines (SASO) in an effort to intensify its efforts in curbing sugar smuggling in the country.

In a memorandum order signed by Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina, SRA’s Luisito Malagkit and SASO’s Manuel Lamata and Edgard Lumanog were deputized to act as industry-expert advisers of the Office of the Commissioner on matters that will help curtail sugar smuggling.

In a statement, Lina said the illicit trade of sugar has placed an increasing burden on Customs and the industry itself.

“We recognize that in order to combat it more effectively, we need to work closely together with the experts in the industry through close co-operation and consultation, using information to zero in on smugglers,” Lina said.

Lina said he instructed all officials and employees to extend their assistance to these representatives, and provide the necessary support and cooperation to ensure that the success of the partnership of BOC, SRA and SASO in curbing sugar smuggling the country.

The SRA and SASO have repeatedly called on Malacañang expressing their serious concern over the entry of smuggled sugar from Thailand to the Philippines in recent months. BOC and representatives of SRA and SASO recognize that this memorandum is the first step in the development of operation measures and will be reviewed and improved as necessary.


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