Police investigate background of kidnappers

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COTABATO CITY – Police are investigating the background of one of 2 kidnappers who survived a vehicle collision in Lanao del Sur province in the volatile Muslim autonomous region.

One kidnapper was killed and his companion injured after their victim grabbed the wheel of their car and rammed it on a military truck in an attempt to escape from his captors in Balabagan town last week.

Four soldiers, including the kidnapped victim, Guialel, were also hurt in the collision which occurred in the village of Lalabuan, according to the Brigada radio station in Cotabato City.

Guialel said he was driving his car when two men intercepted him near the village of Punabayabao and decided to grab the wheel from the driver and rammed the vehicle to the military truck on the opposite of the highway.

All the wounded soldiers and Guialel, including the other suspected kidnapper were taken to Malabang District Hospital and later transferred to Cotabato Regional and Medical Center in Cotabato City.

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