DTI warns erring business establishments

The Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper - - News - (Cebu Examiner)

CEBU - The Department of Trade and Industry has told business owners to give customers exact change to their customers, saying failure to do so is a violation of Republic Act 10909 also known as the “No Shortchanging Act” which aims to protect the welfare of consumers from unscrupulous traders owners who give insufficient change or give customers candies in lieu of monetary change.

DTI said first time violators of RA 10909 will pay P500 fine and for second offense, business establishment’s license to operate will be suspended for three months plus P15,000 fine. For third offense, establishment’s license to operate will be revoked and pay P25,000 fine.

It said consumers must be more vigilant in exercising their rights and Business establishments must be compliant in all Fair Trade Laws.

The RA 10909 is not only applicable to business establishments but also to public transport vehicles, among others. Business establishments are likewise required to post a sign that reminds their customers to ask for an exact change.

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