Cleanliness in Zamboanga’s public market draw praises

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MARKET-GOERS have noted a drastic change at the Zamboanga City public market following a sanitation drive and the strict implementation of the market code.

Market Superintendent Nathaniel Asuncion said vendors and stall holders have been cooperating and supportive of the cleanliness campaign.

“Our old public market is now free of eyesores because they - market vendors - are now very cooperative and supportive of us. They’re now strictly following our market code. The discipline in our public market can now be felt and everything here is well-arranged,” he told the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner.

He said under the local market code, there are spaces allowed for so-called ukay-ukay or used-clothes vendors – at least 100 of them - to do business at the public market. Asuncion said the market can collect revenues or space rentals from the vendors which will benefit the city government.

“I want that they be legalized so that we can already collect market rentals daily from them as they’re duly equipped with their business permits to help boost our market revenues for our city’s coffers,” Asuncion pointed out.

He said even marketgoers throw their trash in garbage bins. “Market-goers can now see for themselves the many good changes we have done for the improvement of our old public market,” he said.

Nathaniel Asuncion

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