SWS: Leni up; Sereno rat­ings plum­met

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Pub­lic sat­is­fac­tion with Vice Pres­i­dent Leni Ro­bredo im­proved in the past three months, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est sur­vey con­ducted by the So­cial Weather Sta­tions (SWS).

The third quar­ter sur­vey of SWS showed 62 per­cent of Filipinos ap­proved of Ro­bredo’s per­for­mance while 21 per­cent were dis­sat­is­fied, re­sult­ing in a net sat­is­fac­tion score of +41, clas­si­fied as “good.”

This was five points above her June net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing of +36 (60 per­cent sat­is­fied and 24 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied.)

The non-com­mis­sioned poll, taken from Sept. 23 to 27, used

face-to-face in­ter­views of 1,500 adults na­tion­wide.

SWS said Ro­bredo’s net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing rose in all ar­eas ex­cept Min­danao. It stayed very good in the Visayas, at +60 in Septem­ber from +53 in June. It also stayed good in bal­ance Lu­zon, at +42 from +35.

In Metro Manila, it re­mained moder­ate at +23 from +20. It stayed good in Min­danao at +31, hardly mov­ing from +32 in June.

Sereno, Al­varez rat­ings drop

Both Chief Jus­tice Maria Lour­des Sereno and Speaker Pan­ta­leon Al­varez suf­fered sig­nif­i­cant de­clines in their net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ings in Septem­ber.

Sereno’s net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing, on the other hand, fell by one grade from moder­ate to neu­tral, at +9 (35 per­cent sat­is­fied, 26 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied), down by 12 points from +21 (43 per­cent sat­is­fied, 23 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied) in June.

Sereno is fac­ing an im­peach­ment com­plaint be­fore the House for al­leged cul­pa­ble vi­o­la­tion of the Con­sti­tu­tion, be­trayal of pub­lic trust and cor­rup­tion.

The 12-point drop in the Chief Jus­tice’s net sat­is­fac­tion score was due to de­clines of 24 points in Min­danao, 21 points in Metro Manila and eight points in bal­ance Lu­zon. It was a steady score in the Visayas.

Her rat­ing stayed moder­ate in the Visayas, un­changed at +14 from June. It fell by two grades from good to neu­tral in Min­danao, at +9 from +33.

It also went down by one grade from moder­ate to neu­tral in Metro Manila, at net zero in Septem­ber, down by 21 points from +21 in June.

It also fell by one grade from moder­ate to neu­tral in bal­ance Lu­zon, at +9 from +17.

Sereno’s spokesper­son Josa Deinla at­trib­uted the mag­is­trate’s de­cline in rat­ing to the “in­ces­sant at­tacks and vi­cious smear cam­paign” against her.

“For the past months, she has been pub­licly vil­i­fied to jus­tify at­tempts to un­seat her on the ba­sis of un­founded al­le­ga­tions, which are not even im­peach­able of­fenses un­der the Con­sti­tu­tion.”

But Deinla gave as­sur­ance that de­spite the de­cline in her sur­vey re­sults, Sereno would not be side­tracked from con­tin­u­ing her du­ties.

“As the coun­try’s top mag­is­trate, Chief Jus­tice Sereno will con­tinue to ful­fill her du­ties and con­sti­tu­tional man­date re­gard­less of sur­vey re­sults. She re­mains con­fi­dent that when all the facts are pre­sented, the al­le­ga­tions be­ing lev­eled against her – all be­ing false­hoods – will ul­ti­mately crum­ble,” she added.

In the case of Al­varez, it fell by one grade from moder­ate to neu­tral +8 (34 per­cent sat­is­fied, 24 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied), which ac­cord­ing to SWS is a per­sonal record-low.

It was down by eight points from +16 (40 per­cent sat­is­fied, 25 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied) in June.

It dropped 19 points in Min­danao, five points in Metro Manila and five points in bal­ance Lu­zon, com­bined with a steady score in the Visayas.

His net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing stayed moder­ate in the Visayas at +10. It stayed neu­tral in Metro Manila at -1 from +4. How­ever, it fell by one grade from good to moder­ate in Min­danao, at +12 from +31.

It like­wise fell by one grade from moder­ate to neu­tral in bal­ance Lu­zon at +8 in Septem­ber, down by five points from +13 in June.

Koko scores up

Mean­while, Se­nate Pres­dent Aquilino “Koko” Pi­mentel III posted a per­sonal record-high in the SWS third quar­ter sur­vey, ob­tain­ing a net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing of +46 (60 per­cent sat­is­fied, 14 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied).

His lat­est net sat­is­fac­tion score was 13 points higher than his June rat­ing of +33 (53 per­cent sat­is­fied, 20 per­cent dis­sat­is­fied).

Pi­mentel sur­passed his pre­vi­ous per­sonal record of +37 in Septem­ber 2016.

SWS at­trib­uted the 13-point rise in the Se­nate Pres­i­dent’s net sat­is­fac­tion rat­ing to the dou­bledigit in­creases in the Visayas, bal­ance Lu­zon and Metro Manila, cou­pled with a seven-point in­crease in Min­danao.

It rose by one grade from good to very good in the Visayas at +51 from +34.

It stayed good in bal­ance Lu­zon at +45 from +31 in June. It re­mained good in Metro Manila at +44 in Septem­ber, up by 11 points from +33 in June. In Min­danao, it also stayed good at +45 from +37.

Pi­mentel cred­ited his own fa­vor­able rat­ings “to the co­op­er­a­tion, sup­port and hard work of my fel­low sen­a­tors and the en­tire Se­nate and the Com­mis­sion on Ap­point­ments.”

Leni elated

Ro­bredo was elated by the re­sults of lat­est sur­vey show­ing an in­crease in her ap­proval rat­ings in the third quar­ter of the year.

But the Vice Pres­i­dent said pub­lic of­fi­cials should not be in­flu­enced too much by sur­veys.

“While sur­veys are im­por­tant, there are also times when do­ing the right thing is not equiv­a­lent to do­ing what is pop­u­lar. That’s why we try not to be ruled by sur­veys also,” she said in an in­ter­view at St. Theresa’s Col­lege in Que­zon City.

The Vice Pres­i­dent be­lieves her of­fice’s anti-poverty pro­gram An­gat Buhay was be­hind the rise in her sat­is­fac­tion rat­ings. – mean that the per­son should au­to­mat­i­cally be for­given for egre­gious or crim­i­nal be­hav­ior,” she added.

Chris Sa­muels, di­rec­tor of the Sex­ual Ad­dic­tion Treat­ment and Train­ing In­sti­tute in New York, ex­plained that sex­ual mis­con­duct and sex ad­dic­tion can oc­cur si­mul­ta­ne­ously, but these are two dif­fer­ent is­sues.

“The per­pe­tra­tor (of sex­ual mis­con­duct) is op­por­tunis­tic, often mo­ti­vated by power dy­nam­ics and often self­jus­ti­fy­ing and re­morse­less,” she said.

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