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What stresses you out? There are a lot of things to get stressed over these days, from the slight­est

in­con­ve­niences (I have no sig­nal ugh­gain!), to ma­jor ones (How do we get to work dur­ing ASEAN week if all the roads

are closed?). The real ques­tion is, how do you choose to re­spond to stress and how does it man­i­fest phys­i­cally? The most com­mon man­i­fes­ta­tion of stress is the look of fa­tigue: sal­low skin, dark un­der-eye cir­cles from lack of sleep or stress eat­ing, and a sort of perma-frown. But what if I told you, it’s all in your head? Der­ma­log­ica thinks so.

The skin­care brand, best known for its anti-aging prod­ucts and treat­ments, ad­vo­cates a pos­i­tive out­look on stress, called eu­stress, de­rived from the Greek pre­fix eu, which means “good.” While stress neg­a­tively af­fects our health, re­cent re­search re­veals that stress can have pos­i­tive ef­fects. It makes us more alert, fo­cused and en­er­gized. It can be the force that com­pels us to per­form, to dare, some­times to save lives. Eu­stress is the healthy cog­ni­tive re­sponse to stress that mo­ti­vates and gives one a feel­ing of ful­fill­ment.

I used to suck at eu­stress, un­til I started do­ing yoga and trained my­self to com­part­men­tal­ize fo­cus (the task at hand) and feel­ings (There’s so much to do, send help!). Still, I’m no Yoda and I suc­cumb to fraz­zled-ness from time to time, as I am sure you do, too. It’s for when we find our­selves look­ing ex­tra-tired that Der­ma­log­ica cre­ated three new prod­ucts: the Stress Pos­i­tive Eye Lift, the Age Re­ver­sal Eye Com­plex, and the Nightly Lip Treat­ment.

Stress Pos­i­tive Eye Lift

Der­ma­log­ica’s new Stress Pos­i­tive Eye Lift is an eye treat­ment and mask that bright­ens tired eyes, re­duces the ap­pear­ance of puffi­ness and dark cir­cles, and helps re­store the skin bar­rier. To ac­tu­ally help re­lieve stress, it has a built-in cool­ing mas­sage ap­pli­ca­tor that en­er­gizes skin when used with Der­ma­log­ica’s three-step Eye Lift DIY. Just ap­ply the cream gen­er­ously around a cleansed eye area us­ing the ap­pli­ca­tor. To use as a mask, leave on for three to five minutes then mas­sage in or tis­sue off ex­cess prod­uct. You can use it for a quick boost, or daily to ad­dress signs of chronic eye fa­tigue.

Age Re­ver­sal Eye Com­plex

This one is po­tent with retinol. The Age Re­ver­sal Eye Com­plex helps for­tify sup­port­ing un­der­ly­ing tis­sues and re­freshes the sur­face skin. By speed­ing up the cell turnover process, stim­u­lat­ing col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and thick­en­ing the cell lay­ers, skin ap­pears plumper, fuller and smoother, and even pig­men­ta­tion. At first, ap­ply on al­ter­nate nights as skin builds up a tol­er­ance to the retinol. As your skin ac­cli­mates, you can start ap­ply­ing nightly.

Nightly Lip Treat­ment

I know they’re called laugh lines, but let’s face it, they’re not that great. They cast quite the un­flat­ter­ing shadow in pho­tos and over­all just make you look a lot older. Some are pre­dis­posed to more pro­nounced laugh lines (like my­self). I’ve never heard of a prod­uct that ad­dresses this prob­lem un­til now.

Aging in the mouth re­gion can be caused by ha­bit­ual ex­pres­sions, as well as col­la­gen break­down from dam­ag­ing UV rays, trans-epi­der­mal wa­ter loss, even drink­ing through a straw. So yeah, when you use your lips, you can get lip lines. In­stead of never us­ing them again, Der­ma­log­ica rec­om­mends the Nightly Lip Treat­ment, which you ap­ply around the lips to firm, hy­drate and re­store skin. Use it at night as skin re­pairs it­self. Der­ma­log­ica is avail­able at Rus­tan’s.

Der­ma­log­ica Stress Pos­i­tive Eye Lift soothes and in­vig­o­rates the area around the eyes. Avail­able at Rus­tan’s.

Der­ma­log­ica Age Re­ver­sal Com­plex with retinol stim­u­lates col­la­gen pro­duc­tion to im­prove the area around the eyes.

Der­ma­log­ica Nightly Lip Treat­ment firms and hy­drates the area around the lips.

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