Top Gear (Philippines) - - Reaction Time - Con­cerned Dude Wow. Can’t say we dis­agree with you, be­cause you’re ab­so­lutely right. Then again, busi­ness is busi­ness, It’s really up to gov­ern­ment to put reg­u­la­tions in place. Good luck to us.


In my few decades of re­sid­ing in Metro Manila, I can say with­out a doubt that 2015 is the worst year ever when it comes to traf­fic con­ges­tion. It has got­ten so bad I have come to de­spise go­ing to work ev­ery morn­ing. What used to be a 45-minute drive has now dou­bled on av­er­age (some­times more if I’m really lucky).

I be­lieve that largely to blame for this is the sheer vol­ume of new cars be­ing added to the roads each day. My job is re­lated to the auto in­dus­try, so I know that the busi­ness is at an all-time high. And I’m happy that it is, be­cause the more cars get sold, the bet­ter it is for our com­pany’s bot­tom line—and the bet­ter it is for my ca­reer, to be hon­est.

I just wish car com­pa­nies and fi­nanc­ing in­sti­tu­tions didn’t make it in­cred­i­bly easy for just about any­one to drive home with a brand-new car—even if said per­son has no real means to sus­tain car own­er­ship (no garage, no suf­fi­cient in­come to take care of the monthly pay­ments, no real need to own a mo­tor ve­hi­cle).

There are just too many cars out there al­ready. In­dis­crim­i­nately sell­ing them to peo­ple just to meet sales tar­gets isn’t help­ing the sit­u­a­tion. I al­ways see pro­mos that prac­ti­cally give away the cars. Good luck to all of us.

Please don’t men­tion my name. I still need my job.

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