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T hings fall­ing into place is a val­i­da­tion that we are do­ing some­thing right. The ‘Road He­roes’ Is­sue that you are all hold­ing in your hands got rolling when we got a phone call from Au­tostrada Mo­tore’s Marc Soong, ask­ing if we’d like to spend two days with a Fer­rari 488 Spi­der. Hell yes! We mo­bi­lized the en­tire Top Gear Ph team and headed to a se­cret lo­ca­tion for 48 hours of fun. This is our first time to have a Fer­rari on the cover, so we had to make the shoot ex­tra spe­cial.

And then The Big Test ma­te­ri­al­ized, pit­ting an Audi R8 and McLaren 570S against each other. It’s a great piece writ­ten by JV Co­layco, our res­i­dent gear­head who knows his way around ex­otics. And that isn’t all. Test drive ed­i­tor Ja­son dela Cruz had the all-new Porsche 718 for a week­end, too. So, we have Fer­rari, Porsche, Audi, and McLaren in the lineup, but what rep­re­sents Ja­pan? Well, a one-night tryst with the Nis­san GT-R, the su­per­car slayer, fi­nally came to fruition. Talk about serendip­ity.

Awe­some cars, for sure, but the real road he­roes aren’t made of alu­minum and car­bon fiber. For the Top Gear Ph staff, the real road he­roes are the folks who fol­low road rules and main­tain dis­ci­pline—even if ev­ery­one else around them drives like a ma­niac. Road he­roes keep their cool and would never see red and re­sort to vi­o­lence to prove a point. Road he­roes set a good ex­am­ple to their chil­dren.

Road he­roes are hon­est traf­fic en­forcers who put their lives at risk day in and day out, but will never ac­cept a bribe from an erring mo­torist. Road he­roes are the folks sta­tioned at the LTO’s front lines who are be­hind the win­dows and deal with an­gry and im­pa­tient peo­ple all day, ev­ery day.

Th­ese road he­roes are all around us. We also be­lieve that they still out­num­ber the vil­lains. There’s hope for us yet.

‘Road he­roes aren’t made of car­bon fiber or alu­minum. Just look around’

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