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The Lam­borgh­ini Gal­lardo, slow? Se­ri­ously?

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There are very few guys out there who would even con­sider do­ing a twin-turbo con­ver­sion on an al­ready-awe­some Lam­borgh­ini Gal­lardo—which packs a scream­ing V10 mo­tor at the rear. Keith Bryan Haw is one such fel­low, and if you know him per­son­ally, then you will un­der­stand that go­ing sub­tle isn’t his thing at all. It’s just not the way he op­er­ates.

We will save the solo fea­ture about him for next month’s is­sue, so do wait for that. Keith is an In­ter­net celebrity with a re­ally cool story to tell, and we are sure that folks in the au­to­mo­tive world want to know more about him. We just had to shoot his Gal­lardo first be­fore it en­ters the shop for its Lib­erty Walk wide-body con­ver­sion. Plus, the twin-turbo thing is al­ready pretty wild to be­gin with.

Keith tells us that what he has is the first twin-turbo con­ver­sion on a Lam­borgh­ini done in the coun­try. The kit, which is made by US-based IAP Rac­ing out of West Vir­ginia, was per­son­ally in­stalled by Paul Sullivan, the owner of the com­pany. The brand is quite fa­mous for do­ing wild con­ver­sions on ex­otics. Keith’s Gal­lardo Spy­der now packs 800hp at the crank—or 661hp at the wheels! Paul is cur­rently work­ing on another Gal­lardo that will put out 1,700hp. Sounds

crazy, but not at all for Keith, who does plan to take his own Gal­lardo to the next level.

But when is too much, too much? “Well, if you can do it, why not?” is Keith’s re­ply. “Maybe it’s too much when it’s too much for the wal­let na,” he jokes.

Keith ditched the all-wheel-drive sys­tem to let all of the 656Nm course through the rear wheels only. He says that the trans­mis­sion is up to the task as well, but ex­pect a wild ride. Fu­ture plans in­clude in­stalling an ECU ca­pa­ble of do­ing flex-fuel du­ties and al­low­ing the car to run on e85 race fuel. The ECU up­grade will also al­low to the car to read any and all fuel mixes and make the cal­cu­la­tions nec­es­sary to avoid any un­wanted det­o­na­tion.

This Lam­borgh­ini also has a cus­tom in­te­rior (done in the Philip­pines), and it is fit­ted with the light­est bucket seats Keith could find. Each just weighs a scant 1.4kg. Crazy. All four cor­ners are fit­ted with DPE Wheels, which, in­ci­den­tally, he is the of­fi­cial dis­trib­u­tor of in the Philip­pines. He’s known for sourc­ing high-end equip­ment for en­thu­si­asts, so his per­sonal cars must look the part. Car­bon-fiber side skirts round out the ex­te­rior.

The Lib­erty Walk kit is still in its box, but it will be in­stalled pretty soon. It will have a rivet-less look, which breaks from the usual tra­di­tion. We think it will look pretty good when done. Alex Restora­tion will be han­dling the job, af­ter all. “If you are do­ing some­thing good, some peo­ple will hate on it,” Keith says. But no mat­ter what peo­ple say about his gor­geous, light­ningquick, and thun­der­ously loud Gal­lardo, it doesn’t mat­ter. He’s do­ing it his way, and he’s lov­ing it.

‘No mat­ter what peo­ple say, Keith will keep do­ing things his way. He’s lov­ing it’

Hand­some in­te­rior done by Filipino crafts­men. We are im­pressed Lurk­ing un­der here is a twin-turbo con­ver­sion. That’s just mad!

Eas­ily a soon-to-be clas­sic. Th­ese Gal­lar­dos are drop-dead gor­geous

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