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01 4.7-LiTER V8 ANd 5.9-LiTER V12

Of­ten mis­taken for Jaguar units, the Van­tage AMR’s en­gine choices are in­dis­putably As­ton Martin, with mod­el­spe­cific parts and tweaks.

02 AdAp­TiVE dAMp­iNg SuS­pEN­SioN SyS­TEM

Three pre­sets are avail­able: Nor­mal, Sport, and Track. It shouldn’t be hard to fig­ure out which mode is right for a given driv­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

03 AERo kiT

Fully func­tional and made mostly of car­bon fiber, it does its du­ties re­ally well. Too many peo­ple will tend to fo­cus on the aes­thet­ics more than the per­for­mance.

04 CAR­boN-fibER SEATS

For those ob­sessed with weight­sav­ing mea­sures, the Van­tage AMR comes with op­tional car­bon-fiber seats that work as ad­ver­tised but look good, too.


Both the V8 and the V12 vari­ants wear al­loys of the same size, with the more ca­pa­ble sib­ling get­ting a slightly wider wheel width to help rein in the higher horse­power out­put and make short work of the cor­ners.

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