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While we don’t nor­mally re­view com­mer­cial trucks, these diesel truck­lets are avail­able for less than the price of a Ja­panese hatch­back. Low prices, low run­ning costs, and a stan­dard war­ranty mean they won’t leave you and your small busi­ness stranded, as sec­ond­hand im­ports of­ten do. You can get more power and fea­tures for the same money from the Chi­nese, or with Suzuki’s own APV, but the price spread be­tween gas and diesel makes these op­tions non­starters for many busi­ness­men.

There wasn’t any doubt go­ing into the test that the Su­per Carry is the su­pe­rior prod­uct, but the Ace HT does have some things go­ing for it. At P369,000 for the base pickup, it’s the cheap­est diesel truck on the mar­ket. Sure, the Pi­ag­gio APE diesel is cheaper, but as a three-wheeler, it isn’t high­way-le­gal. The Ace is—for the brave. Be­yond that, the 750kg ca­pac­ity al­lows it to cart two work­ers and 30 loaded jugs of drinking wa­ter with ease. Twice the ca­pac­ity of your reg­u­lar cargo trike. For an in­ner-city busi­ness, the Ace HT makes all kinds of sense, as long as you have a Tata dealer close by. Over a mil­lion In­di­ans can’t be wrong, right?

But for those de­sir­ing more flex­i­bil­ity, ser­vice­abil­ity, and power, the Su­per Carry car­ries the day. It’s no speed de­mon, but it doesn’t get left be­hind by traf­fic, and is in­fin­itely more suited to high­way use than the Tata, and even some big­ger FBe­quipped trucks I’ve had the (dis)plea­sure of driv­ing over the years.

‘The Su­per Carry is the su­pe­rior prod­uct, but the Ace does have some things go­ing for it’

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