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Top Gear (Philippines) - - The Garage - Words by Drei Laurel

A small can of WD-40 has been a tool box staple for as long as we can re­mem­ber. For decades, the handy multi-pur­pose prod­uct has been used to solve a wide va­ri­ety of nag­ging prob­lems, from get­ting rid of an­noy­ing squeaks to re­mov­ing rust.

To­day, the brand is more ver­sa­tile than ever with the avail­abil­ity of a new Spe­cial­ist line which in­cludes a fast-act­ing de­greaser, fast-dry­ing con­tact cleaner, white lithium grease, high-per­for­mance dry lube, au­to­mo­tive chain lube, and sil­i­cone lu­bri­cant.

The spray-on prod­ucts’ ex­ten­sive range of ap­pli­ca­tions in­clude pro­tect­ing, lu­bri­cat­ing, and clean­ing in­dus­trial equip­ment, sim­ple tools and mech­a­nisms, power tools, and even some elec­tron­ics. What’s more, each one of­fers dif­fer­ent lev­els of anti-wear, pen­e­tra­tion, and other prop­er­ties.

Whereas a reg­u­lar can of WD40 is mainly a do-it-all prod­uct, the Spe­cial­ist line is for more equip­ment and is­sue-spe­cific use. The de­greaser, for ex­am­ple, is rec­om­mended for plas­tics, work sur­faces and some ma­chin­ery, while WD-40 white lithium grease is ideal for tracks, bear­ings, con­vey­ors, pis­tons, and other mech­a­nisms. The con­tact cleaner can be used to main­tain equip­ment such as gen­er­a­tors, elec­tric pan­els, and re­lays.

So if a reg­u­lar can of WD-40 isn’t cut out for a job (however un­likely), you know what to look for.

Visit www.wd40spe­cial­ist.com, or www.wd40.com or hard­ware stores.

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