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el­e­vat­ing tastes

I am now back in Manila af­ter be­ing away for a good part of 15 years, and I am amazed by all the changes. BGC isn’t the empty space where I jogged while pre­par­ing for train­ing, and there’s now Mckin­ley Hill just over the bakod from our camp. And then there’s the traf­fic, of course. Who wouldn’t no­tice that it can now take two hours to get from BGC to the other big camp in Que­zon City!

I am a long-time fol­lower of TGP. Con­sid­er­ing your mas­sive fol­low­ing, I think my so­lu­tions to the traf­fic prob­lem and heed­ing my call for more of the ‘right stuff ’ will help the car-lov­ing crowd grad­u­ate from the cur­rent ‘porma’fo­cused min­d­est, into an even more ma­ture car-ap­pre­ci­at­ing group.

I wish to sug­gest for you to add more tech­ni­cal bits in your re­views for the hard-core petrol­heads. You can maybe use this style for the sportier, more per­for­mance-ori­ented mod­els for starters. I un­der­stand that at this point, the Filipino au­di­ence/read­er­ship might be lean­ing more to the ‘form’ side of things rather than that of ‘sub­stance’ when it comes to cars, but as much as these sub­jec­tive re­views might ap­peal to a wider set of read­ers, I think we—who like it a bit more tech­ni­cal—are also a grow­ing group.

Do­ing so will prop­a­gate a more proper car cul­ture, in con­trast to the type of car cul­ture ridiculed in one of your re­cent is­sues (big spoil­ers, painted brakes, cheap copy rims, and stick­ers

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