Who doesn’t fan­ta­size about a top­less ’Vette?

the corvette zr1 sounds bet­ter without a roof Un­til we drive it, we have no way of prov­ing this claim, but with a 755hp V8, it’s a safe bet, right?

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Just a few weeks af­ter the mad ZR1 coupe comes this, the ZR1 con­vert­ible. It uses the same 755hp supercharged 6.2-liter V8 as the coupe, with the op­tion of sev­en­speed man­ual or eight-speed auto gear­boxes. With the auto, the hard-top has a top speed of

341kph and does 0–100kph in sub-3.0sec, but that’s with a spe­cial aero pack­age.

Chevro­let says the con­vert­ible will still have a top speed “over 322kph”, though. And all that un­holy su­per­charger whine and V8 roar—un­en­cum­bered by a roof—should make up for any per­for­mance deficit.

No ex­tra strength­en­ing has been re­quired; the only mods are to fit the fold­ing roof and re­po­si­tion the seat­belt mounts. So sus­pen­sion tune is the same and the con­vert­ible weighs just

27kg more than the coupe. It also costs just P204,896 more, at P6.35 mil­lion. Or about P6.5 mil­lion at cur­rent ex­change rates, which is star­tling value for a car so quick and pow­er­ful. Does the hard­est-cored Corvette make sense with its roof opened up? It’s the first ZR1 con­vert­ible since the ‘70s, which might sug­gest not.

But then that noise re­ally ought to drown any of our doubts.

or­ange paint job makes it even louder

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