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Glow­ing health and an en­thu­si­asNc aV­tude make al­most any­thing a plea­sure to­day, Aries. Re­laNons with friends and fam­ily are warm, con­ge­nial, and co­op­er­aNve. Your day should go as smoothly as you could ex­pect. There is some­thing you want to do in the a\er­noon that you’re look­ing for­ward to. In the even­ing, con­sider a end­ing a class, lec­ture, or work­shop. Your mind is espe­cially sharp right now.

In­for­maNon that comes your way to­day could launch you into a search for truth, Tau­rus. Per­haps this is a new busi­ness‐re­lated idea that you want to ex­plore. It could be a new philo­soph­i­cal in­ter­est, and you will want to learn as much as you can about it. Which­ever it is, your mind is sharp, so you’re likely to fin­ish the day a lot more knowl­edge­able than you were when it be­gan.

Although you’re usu­ally very re­spon­si­ble and you try to keep the proper bal­ance be­tween your home and pro­fes­sional lives, to­day your mind and heart are more fo­cused on your home, Gem­ini. A warm sense of unity with fam­ily and close friends could make for a very pleas­ant day and an even more pleas­ant even­ing. Even fin­ish­ing up pa­per­work will seem eas­ier than usual. Re­lax and en­joy a great even­ing.

A gath­er­ing in your com­mu­nity could unite the peo­ple around you in aim­ing for a com­mon goal, and this could be a new in­ter­est for you, Can­cer. Warm and lov­ing emails and calls could come from fam­ily, close friends, or your life part­ner. An im­promptu short trip to a fa­vorite place could re­sult in a pleas­ant sur­prise. This prom­ises to be a busy day and a great one.

You may have been ex­pecNng some money over the past sev­eral days, and to­day it could fi­nally ar­rive. De­lays in reach­ing your goals are fin­ished for the mo­ment. If you have a project you’ve been try­ing to com­plete, Leo, this is the day to do it, espe­cially if it in­volves pa­per­work. This isn’t the day to com­pete with any­one, how­ever. Your sense of co­op­er­aNon is too strong.

You’re feel­ing espe­cially sharp, Virgo. Your thoughts are more fo­cused than usual and your mind espe­cially pen­e­traNng. A promised get‐to­gether with friends or loved ones may have to be de­layed, but it will take place. In­for­maNon about pos­si­ble busi­ness op­por­tu­niNes could come through pe­ri­od­i­cals, and if you like them, check them out. The out­look on any­thing that comes your way to­day is espe­cially bright.

PracN­cal thoughts may be the re­sult of un­con­scious im­pulses brought to the sur­face by events at home. Old trau­mas and pho­bias could be re­leased, although you should take care to not dwell on them too much or you’ll re­in­force them in­stead of get rid of them. Your imag­i­naNon is fly­ing high. You might fo­cus it on dec­o­raNng your house. You could find anNques espe­cially ap­peal­ing.

Gath­er­ings in your neigh­bor­hood could bring new and in­teresNng in­for­maNon your way, Scor­pio. A mes­sage from an ac­quain­tance could send you down a new path to­ward a new goal. Re­laNons with ev­ery­one around you‐ from your ro­manNc part­ner to the most ca­sual of ac­quain­tances ‐ should be warm and con­ge­nial. Con­ver­saNons should be sN­mu­laNng.

Suc­cess in a project you’ve been work­ing on could mean you want to go out and cel­e­brate. You might feel guilty about do­ing it, but go ahead, Sagi ar­ius. Or­der a glass of wine and dessert! Tonight is the night to for­get work and go for sheer, unadul­ter­ated plea­sure. You have the break com­ing. Your ef­forts are fi­nally be­ing rec­og­nized, and you’re on your way. En­joy your good for­tune!

A sub­ject that you’ve been study­ing for a long Nme might sud­denly start mak­ing sense to you, Capri­corn. Or you could fi­nally reach a point where you can make it work for you in a pracN­cal way. Your think­ing now is espe­cially clear, fo­cused, down to Earth, and ef­fi­cient, so what­ever you try or start to­day is likely to lead to suc­cess. Don’t let oc­ca­sional self‐doubt stop you.

Past im­pres­sions that you may not even know you have could en­hance your abil­ity to deal with pracN­cal ma ers to­day, Aquar­ius. You might need to han­dle some pa­per­work re­gard­ing a se le­ment of some kind. The thoughts and feel­ings of those clos­est to you are more ap­par­ent than usual. You may tai­lor your be­hav­ior to­ward them ac­cord­ingly. Spend a quiet even­ing with your loved ones. You won’t even need to talk.

So­cial events and group acNviNes are on the agenda to­day, Pisces. You may be in­tro­duced to some­one who could prove help­ful to your ca­reer. A le er con­tain­ing good news could come from a friend or part­ner. Any new mon­ey­mak­ing en­ter­prise be­gun now is likely to suc­ceed as long as you stay with it and conNnue to face it in a busi­nesslike man­ner.













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