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It’s that time of the year. Once again, as we have in the past 10 years, YES! cel­e­brates the 100 MOST BEAU­TI­FUL STARS, this time of 2017.

It’s a funny thing re­ally. In an in­dus­try that throbs with the very beau­ti­ful, how do you tell who are in the TOP 100? And does this mean that—if you are not in the 2017 list, but were in the 2016 list, or the list of the years be­fore—you are no longer beau­ti­ful in 2017? Well, no, it doesn’t work that way. It works more like this: Mak­ing the YES! LIST OF THE 100 MOST BEAU­TI­FUL STARS is, to us, a once-ayear oc­ca­sion to cheer the new and young and ris­ing, to shout out the hot love teams, to rec­og­nize the re­li­able and the bank­able and the sexy, to name the star kids, to honor the idol and the hero, to ap­plaud the A-lis­ter, to ac­knowl­edge the ta­lent gene pool, to name who is in a league of his own, to spot some­one up­end­ing the TV land­scape with a sec­ond com­ing…

Some­times, the stars will not come solo but in groups, such as the A-lis­ters, for they are cer­tainly many, or showbiz won’t have an ex­cit­ing star pool; or in twos, such as the love teams that spawn the fiercest fan clubs; or in a set of five, such as the fam­ily of one very re­spected ac­tor, al­ready once called the “Idol” in our list of the most beau­ti­ful.

We barely care if a star is from the big­gest net­work or the sec­ond-big­gest net­work—as we don’t even say which is which, be­cause showbiz needs them both, and, be­sides, for­tunes change and the world is round.

But most es­pe­cially for the new­bies, we like to level the play­ing field: you don’t have to be in the high­est-rat­ing TV show, on prime­time, to make it here. You may be in the wings, wait­ing for your time, promised the lead in a show that can’t seem to get off the ground, or mov­ing from one net­work to an­other try­ing to find the most hos­pitable home for your ta­lent. You can be here.

We don’t make star­dom the ul­ti­mate and only rea­son for hav­ing you on the YES! List. We be­lieve ev­ery­one has to start some­where.

But it is also true that the List has many, many things to do with who is cur­rent, who is on the radar, who is trending, who is shak­ing up the scene. We want to turn the spot­light on these gems, right when they’re hap­pen­ing to showbiz, right when it’s their time to shine.

At the same time, the List has a lot to do with rec­og­niz­ing old and fa­mil­iar and rec­og­niz­able tal­ents, those who ap­pear in the movies and tele­seryes we en­joy, they who make the sto­ries hap­pen, whose act­ing makes us be­lieve.

So, yes, ours is a List of vet­eran star and rel­a­tive un­known, small name and big name, box-of­fice breaker and side­kick of the side­kick.

The List, af­ter all, is the re­sult of mix­ing and match­ing many el­e­ments: the quan­tifi­able and count­able (hits, shares, trending on FB, the most read on PEP); plus the re­porters’ in­stinct (“that girl has an in­no­cent face but don’t mis­take her for dumb”); plus in­dus­try chatter (“ah, yes, that one wants to stay long as a per­former” or “hmm, that one is spoiled”); plus the track record (“that ac­tor is never bad even when the role is”); and, fi­nally, that in­de­fin­able “it” (“in per­son, that boy owns the room he en­ters”).

It is not the time for pick­ing up on ru­mors, or bait­ing any­one, or putting some­one on the spot. We keep it happy; we keep it light. So, even as we see that ev­ery­one in showbiz is beau­ti­ful—with real ta­lent, with fea­tures the cam­era loves, with stun­ning bear­ing and grace— we at YES! take the risk, ev­ery sin­gle year, of nam­ing only the 100 we choose to cel­e­brate in the cur­rent year.

We aren’t per­fect. We just try very hard to be. We trans­form our ed­i­to­rial team into a work­ing com­mit­tee. We have ses­sions that start in Oc­to­ber of the year be­fore. We make a list of the cat­e­gories we want for the com­ing year. Each one quickly nom­i­nates names for these cat­e­gories, but who­ever does the nom­i­nat­ing must de­fend the choice when ques­tioned. An­other ses­sion is set for adding cat­e­gories. An­other, for mak­ing a short list. In­for­mal con­sul­ta­tions fol­low. One mem­ber may have seen a new face in a talk show, and calls on the oth­ers to con­sider her. Months af­ter, some­one says we need an­other group ses­sion. And so it goes.

My role, as edi­tor in chief, mainly hap­pens in the be­gin­ning—when we set the List’s ra­tio­nale and cri­te­ria and re­mind each other of the ethics re­quired in mak­ing a List as sub­jec­tive as this; and in the end—when we clean up the List and con­tend with all the doubts and naysay­ing as well as the cer­tain­ties and rah-rah-ing within the group. In be­tween, I come in only to break ties.

So, for good or bad, the real per­sons to damn or to praise are the men and women of the YES! team.

I join them tonight to ap­plaud the stars on the YES! LIST OF THE 100 MOST BEAU­TI­FUL STARS 2017… but I make spe­cial men­tion of the stars who are here tonight, who took the trou­ble to get dressed and coiffed and groomed, to grace this oc­ca­sion as the most beau­ti­ful stars they are.•

All these stars, we want to cel­e­brate. It’s a happy oc­ca­sion, a chance to make the stars feel good, to make us feel good.

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