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The fam­ily den is the near­est room from the main door. It used to be the area where the fam­ily mem­bers re­ceived their guests. But since the house is still a work in progress, this room be­came a tem­po­rary stor­age space for all the per­sonal para­pher­na­lia that they don’t know yet where to place.

Ben­jie plans to ren­o­vate this room once he has the time and the re­sources. “It’s mine. Hindi ko pa lang na­pa­paayos. Ang plano ko kasi ta­laga, man cave. Gagawin para sa akin, parang hang­out, kasi may kanya-kanya na­man silang rooms na sa itaas.”

One side of the room is a shelf filled with the nu­mer­ous plaques and tro­phies that Ben­jie Paras col­lected dur­ing his bas­ket­ball ca­reer. These awards are what re­mind An­dre to strive harder to be­come as good as, if not bet­ter than, his dad in bas­ket­ball.

“There’s a lot of re­minders here,” An­dre says. “Like, these are just a few, I think. There are more plaques and recog­ni­tions that Dad has. So it was pretty much ev­ery­thing I see around the house. It’s here, and it’s some­thing to be in­spired about.”

Much like the fam­ily den, the main en­try­way, which is ac­tu­ally com­posed of two swing­ing wooden doors (op­po­site page, bot­tom photo), is due for a makeover. “Me­dyo main­gay kasi paglapat, pagsara no’n, kung ma­pa­pansin n’yo,” Ben­jie says. “Da­pat, isang buo lang siya.”

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