Kobe’s Firsts

YES! (Philippines) - - Kobe and Andre -

First scare oF your liFe?

An­dre and I were in Bo­ra­cay or some beach and then we just, like, we were su­per small, so we went to the deep end and we both drowned. And I thought we were both gonna die at that point. And then, we just forced our­selves to swim. And An­dre was like a su­per­hero, cause he was, like, ‘I’m gonna go un­der the wa­ter and you step on me’—so I can breathe. So An­dre saved my life. I’m not sure if he re­mem­bers that, but that was the fun­ni­est and sad­dest, scari­est time ever.

First heart­break?

Prob­a­bly when I was 15. I got my heart bro­ken be­cause of cheat­ing. But I was 15, so I don’t re­ally care. You know, I was a kid, and that was re­ally fun to just go through a lot of things. And you know, it taught me a lot of lessons. Not ev­ery­one’s gonna be kind to you, not even your girl­friend. So, just great lessons.

First pur­chase us­ing First salary?

I think I bought an iPhone right away. I think I had a Sam­sung at that point, and I was, like, ‘You know what, I wanna have an iPhone. I wanna be able to iMes­sage my friends and send emo­jis. So, I think, first pur­chase was an iPhone 4. I was so happy ’cause Dad had an iPhone, and I felt the part, I was, like, big time.

First time you Felt proud oF your­selF?

Prob­a­bly when I ac­cepted the fact that I needed to do my chores ev­ery day. Just be­cause, like, there are a lot of peo­ple out there who have yayas here in the Philip­pines and the States. If you go to the col­lege dorms, it’s gonna be re­ally messy. So I’m just proud to have one of the clean­est dorms out there. And you know, I think that’s when I re­al­ized na I don’t need a yaya in my life. I don’t need some­one help­ing me. I can, like, fo­cus on my­self and just do my own chores.

First time you re­al­ized you were Fa­mous?

Ac­tu­ally, that’s kinda hard, just be­cause ever since I was a kid, I’ve seen my Dad get, like, cov­ered by a lot of peo­ple ask­ing for pic­tures. I think when I re­al­ized na I’m get­ting pic­tures be­cause of me was when I was play­ing for La Salle Green Hills dur­ing my ju­nior year. That’s when I left to go to the States. That’s when I re­al­ized—I don’t like to say fa­mous, but well-known. That was when I was, like, I have to ac­cept the fact that peo­ple ac­tu­ally ap­pre­ci­ate me.

First time you made some­one cry?

Prob­a­bly An­dre. I prob­a­bly threw a toy at him just be­cause when we were kids we were like en­e­mies. So, like, me and him used to… We didn’t re­ally fight, but we’d throw stuff, and think I threw a Tonka Truck at him and he cried. So he’s prob­a­bly the first per­son I made cry.

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