Kobe’s Lasts

YES! (Philippines) - - Kobe and Andre -

Last happy dream?

Oh, this is when I was… I think I was in France. I was dream­ing, like, I felt like a kid again. Then I felt like I was part of High

School Mu­si­cal, ’cause that used to be my fa­vorite movie when I was a kid. So, like, it was funny, ’cause it was, like, the movie but I was a part of it, so it felt cool. It felt real. Then I woke up and I was like, “Damn. It’s not gonna hap­pen again.”

( High School Mu­si­cal is de­scribed by Wikipedia as “a 2006 Amer­i­can teen/ ro­man­tic com­edy mu­si­cal tele­vi­sion film and the first in­stall­ment in the High School Mu­si­cal tril­ogy.”)

Last time you Laughed so hard?

Prob­a­bly yes­ter­day. I was with An­dre and my best friend, ’cause we have this best friend. Like, I was still in my mother’s womb, and he was best friends with that dude. So I was with them yes­ter­day, and it just felt good be­ing with them. ’Cause we have baby pic­tures, I posted them on my In­sta­gram sto­ries, like my best friend. So it brought back mem­o­ries, just be­ing with him, so we just had a great time. Just did a bunch of jokes, ex­pe­ri­ence in life. You know, you need to laugh ev­ery day. It can’t be all se­ri­ous.

Last time you cried?

Prob­a­bly two, three years ago. I mean, I cry when I stub my toe on the wall, ’cause that re­ally hurts. But, like, cry ta­laga with feel­ings—prob­a­bly two, three years ago, when I was home­sick. That’s it.

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