An­dre’s Ifs

YES! (Philippines) - - Kobe and Andre -

If you could be In­vIs­I­ble for a day, what would you do?

I’m gonna scare my lit­tle brother around and then video­tape it. So I’m sure peo­ple would watch that.

If you had un­lIm­Ited bud­get for a date wIth the gIrl of your dreams, what would you do?

I wanna take her to Ma­cau, Hong Kong… I wanna go shop­ping with her in Ma­cau. Like, I’ve been there and it’s amaz­ing. Clothes there are ex­pen­sive, but of course, if I have the bud­get, di ba? So why not go there and en­joy? Eat and have a great day trip there, and go bungee jump­ing sa Ma­cau Tower.

If you were to wake up as some­one else to­mor­row, who would you want to be?

I wanna be Keanu Reeves. He doesn’t age kasi. That’s why I wanna be him for a day or to­mor­row or for­ever.

If you could have a superpower, what would It be?

I think su­per­strength, be­cause if you have su­per­strength you can do any sport you want.

If you were to sIng for some­one spe­cIal, what song would you choose?

I’d sing “Roses” by The Chainsmok­ers. (The Chainsmok­ers are an Amer­i­can EDM or elec­tronic dance mu­sic duo com­posed of An­drew Tag­gart and Alex Pall.)

If you could read a fa­mous per­son’s dIary, whose dIary would It be?

I wanna go into the mind of Bill Gates, ’cause he’s the rich­est man. I wanna know how he be­came rich, why he is rich.

If you could be pres­I­dent for a day, what would you do?

For a day—wow, that’s hard! Like, what could I do in a day? I think pretty much sign pa­pers that have to do with build­ing… I think I’d use the bud­get to build bet­ter roads and then ten­e­ments for peo­ple in need, like houses. I’d give them a place, re­lo­cate them, not in a bad way, but re­lo­cate them. And then I’d give bud­get to give ed­u­ca­tion to them so they can do work. And then, ’yon nga, start from scratch—ed­u­cate them about busi­ness. You know, we could make sure may kinabukasan sila, in­stead of be­ing in­for­mal set­tlers. There are a lot I wanna do. And then sig­uro make roads wider. I’d use bil­lions of pe­sos to re­move build­ings that are on the road so that I can make roads and re­lo­cate them some­where, of course, so I’m not gonna waste their money. I would sup­port sports, for sure. I’ll make sure may funds ’yong Philip­pines for them, so at least the kids will be able to play sports, and those kids who are in trou­ble can have a new life­style. Pretty much that stuff.

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