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Paano ka kinikilig at ano’ng nagPaPak­ilig sa ’yo?

Ta­gal ko nang hindi nakilig, a. Prob­a­bly if some­one is su­per open. Like, on the first day she’s not scared to talk about what­ever. That makes me blush just be­cause she’s open. He or she is open. I don’t know for my friends

na­man na guys. Prob­a­bly if they, like, buy me food. Or they’re will­ing to just pick me up and have fun. I think that’s what makes me blush, you know. Just be­cause we’re friends, they don’t have to do that. I have my own car and a driver, but that’s cool. It goes both ways for guys and girls.

What is a ta­lent that you Wish you Were bet­ter at?

I wish I knew how to play the piano. Just be­cause, when I was a kid, Dad would force me to play the piano, and it was, like, a Yamaha yata, or I don’t know. But you have your own room and a piano and a teacher. There was one time I was just mess­ing up, and Dad was there to check on me. And the teacher was heads down, like, couldn’t teach me, ’cause I couldn’t get it right. So that’s when I knew I had to find an­other pas­sion in a dif­fer­ent in­stru­ment.

house­hold chore that you hate do­ing?

House chore? Hon­estly, that’s why I don’t get why girls don’t like me. I do what­ever chore. Like, I’m the guy! I’d clean, I can do makeup, I’d do nails. I don’t re­ally care. But that’s just me. Ever since I went to the States, I did my own chores, so I got used to do­ing a bunch of stuff.

Who’s your crush in the states?

Hmmm, damn. I’ve been fo­cused on bas­ket­ball for a while, I for­got about girls. Uhm, prob­a­bly Ken­dall Jen­ner, or this girl named Ju­lia Fried­man. She’s a model, she’s pretty cute. ’Cause I’m choosy, I’m pretty choosy.

do you get to drive around Manila?

I’ll get in trou­ble if I do. I have my per­mit from the States, but I’m not sure you can drive with that here in the Philip­pines. I don’t drive, like, out. I drive, like, vil­lage to vil­lage to visit my friends, but not, like, go­ing to Makati, C5, or EDSA. Noth­ing se­ri­ous like that. When I’m here nga, An­dre’s, like, my driver. He’s, like, the only one who can bring me places.

What Makes you laugh?

Prob­a­bly, just peo­ple who are re­ally open about life. I don’t mean laugh, like, as a joke, but laugh as in a happy way. Just be­cause there are a lot of peo­ple out there who aren’t open about their life any­more and who aren’t as weird as me. ’Cause I’m an open book. I’ll act how I act to ev­ery­one. So I think, for me per­son­ally, it’s just peo­ple who are re­ally out­go­ing. That makes me happy and laugh.

What Makes you cry?

What makes me cry? Prob­a­bly, first, all the heart­breaks I’ve been through my life. All the girls who broke my heart.

Hindi, joke lang. Prob­a­bly not see­ing my fam­ily. Be­ing in the States. You can put that as well, that was funny, the first one. Mostly, what makes me sad is be­ing home­sick. ’Cause at the age of 15, I was alone. It was hard. I was home­sick for, like, a year, but then I got used to it.

What are the is­sues you Want Peo­Ple to no­tice More?

Hmmm, there are a lot of peo­ple who got con­victed of sex­ual ha­rass­ment, false sex­ual ha­rass­ment. So I want them to have an­other chance to have free lawyer or some­thing. And all the peo­ple who got wrong­fully ac­cused to just have free­dom. And prob­a­bly have the rules of the United States in the Philip­pines. If you go to the States and you drive there, peo­ple lis­ten to rules. It’s not, like, an in­ter­sec­tion that ev­ery­one just goes to at the same time. Prob­a­bly that. I have a lot on my list.

Why do you feel strongly about these is­sues?

I have a brand, and I’m try­ing to make my brand even big­ger, and since I’m big and peo­ple un­der­stand who I am, I wanna be part of the is­sues and be for the peo­ple. I just don’t wanna be that per­son who just does stuff for him­self. So you know, I have a voice and I can use that, too, as well. But you know, there are lots of peo­ple out there who think their own opin­ions mat­ter, es­pe­cially on so­cial me­dia. I just get fed up. That’s why some­times I wanna delete my Twit­ter, just be­cause there’s so many peo­ple who talk smack and don’t know what they’re talk­ing about. But that’s what they live for. They live for bash­ing peo­ple, they live for do­ing all this stuff. And I wanna be that per­son who can stand up and tell peo­ple, “Look, you don’t have to lis­ten to them.”

While bas­ket­ball flows in Kobe’s veins, it’s only one facet of his life. “There’s just a bunch of things about me that peo­ple don’t know,” he says. “Bas­ket­ball is just, like, 25 per­cent of who I am. You know, that’s not who I am. That’s just what...

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