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what’s your fa­vorite high school sub­ject?

I’ll go with sci­ence. Par­tic­u­lar sci­ence sub­ject? Uhm, never mind. I’ll go with art na lang. ’Yong art class and any­thing with ro­bot­ics.

the cur­rent song in your playlist?

Man­sionz, their “Den­nis Rod­man.” I re­ally got into it. It’s a cool song.

(Man­sionz is an Amer­i­can hip-hop duo com­posed of Mike Pos­ner and Matthew Musto, aka Black­bear. “Den­nis Rod­man,” fea­tur­ing the Amer­i­can bas­ket­ball player with that name, is one of their most pop­u­lar songs.)

paano ka kinikilig at ano’ng nagpapak­ilig sa ’yo?

If you know what makes me happy and smile, and if I’m ap­pre­ci­ated.

what is a ta­lent that you wish you were bet­ter at?

I wish I was bet­ter at be­ing busi­ness-minded, and I con­sider that as a ta­lent.

house­hold chore that you hate do­ing?

I love do­ing any­thing that has to do with help­ing around the house. It’s the least I can do for hav­ing a roof to live un­der.

who’s your crush?

I don’t have a crush.

kobe said that you’re his des­ig­nated driver when he’s in town. why do you like driv­ing your lit­tle brother around? where do you take him?

I take him to our prac­tices, or we shop for clothes, or maybe we just eat out, since we are al­ways hun­gry.

what makes you laugh?

Ran­dom shows make me laugh. Any­thing with awk­ward sit­u­a­tions.

what makes you cry?

Any­thing that has to do with say­ing good­bye at the air­port.

what are the is­sues you want peo­ple to no­tice more? why do you feel strongly about these is­sues?

For me, I be­lieve there are so many is­sues al­ready. I think what can be done is study re­ally hard and read the news­pa­per ev­ery day so we have the knowl­edge on how to fix these is­sues and con­trib­ute to mak­ing things bet­ter. I be­lieve that’s the for­mula on how to make things eas­ier and how to stay away from is­sues and prob­lems. Just make smart de­ci­sions. An­dre ad­mits that when it comes to fash­ion, he’s not ex­actly the guy to turn to for ad­vice. Even Dad Ben­jie jok­ingly says of An­dre, “Naku, me­dyo pag­dat­ing sa fash­ion, kailan­gan niya ng tu­long.”

An­dre con­fesses that he re­lies on his stylist to pick his out­fits for his shows and other events. “As long as there’s a stylist I know I trust. I know they can dress me up to look good for TV or events.”

But when there’s no stylist around, An­dre turns to Kobe. “When it comes to pub­lic go­ing out, it’s just me be­ing me. Or while he’s here, it’s Kobe.”

An­dre says that Kobe has a unique way of mix­ing and match­ing pieces, as well as a more for­ward sense of style.

Kobe, for his part, en­joys be­ing the un­of­fi­cial stylist of his kuya. He con­sid­ers Amer­i­can rap­per and ac­tor Wiz Khal­ifa his style in­spi­ra­tion: “He is def­i­nitely in my top five fash­ion icons, ’cause he’d wear Chucks with a suit, like, no one does that. Or he’d wear a leather jacket with sharp gold or beads and still make it look good.”

And that’s a good thing for An­dre, be­cause what­ever clothes or shoes Kobe buys abroad, An­dre gets to sam­ple them when Kobe comes home. “He’d bring clothes as pasalubong. We also have the same shoe size. Ac­tu­ally, we have the same size, from top to bot­tom, ev­ery­thing!” An­dre con­fesses that be­fore he de­cided early this year to join the AMA On­line bas­ket­ball team in the Philip­pine Bas­ket­ball As­so­ci­a­tion De­vel­op­men­tal League, or D-League, he felt he was re­gret­fully out of shape.

“I guess for my height and age, I was over­weight. I was just mak­ing ex­cuses—I wanna rest, or I wanted to go to my tap­ings. I was just em­bar­rassed ’cause I didn’t know how to shoot the ball, I didn’t know how to run any­more. Pretty much, I felt that I was in my for­ties or fifties, re­tired... Parang na-brain­wash ako, I don’t know how to play the sport any­more. For two years kasi, I never picked up the ball. Just no prac­tice, that’s why.”

His bas­ket­ball coach gave him a valu­able tip to get back in shape, An­dre says. “He said, ‘Laro ka lang. Ba­ba­lik ’yan.’ From that day on, from the try­outs to the sum­mer league and to the D-League, that’s all I did—sprint, prac­tice, fo­cus, that’s it. I pretty much got back in shape. So I was like, ‘Okay, it was easy.”

Hav­ing the sup­port of his fa­ther and brother helped An­dre get back his game. “I’m just in­spired. When­ever I get to do a cer­tain thing that I’m happy about, I just look at Kobe and I would just be, like, ‘Yah, see that?’ We’d talk while I’m in a game. ’Cause it’s good to see when you look some­where or when you just feel tired, you look lang, and then they’re there watch­ing, so it’s pretty much in­spi­ra­tion lang ta­laga for me.”

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