Here’s why it’s the best de­ci­sion you’ll ever make.

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WHEN­EVER YOU FEEL TEMPTED TO SHELL OUT HARD­EARNED MONEY TO BUY THE LAT­EST GAD­GET, THINK OF WHAT MOST FI­NAN­CIAL EX­PERTS WILL LIKELY SAY TO YOU: IN­VEST IN­STEAD ON SOME­THING THAT WILL GIVE YOU A SENSE OF PER­SONAL AC­COM­PLISH­MENT. A gad­get or a car will de­pre­ci­ate due to wear and tear, but the value of real es­tate—a house and lot, in par­tic­u­lar—has no way to go but up. If that’s not enough to en­tice you to make an in­vest­ment in real es­tate, here are other rea­sons why you should:

A house and lot is an as­set that can pr ovide ad­di­tional in­come. You can post it on on­line mar­ket­places as a short-term rental, long-term lease, or a va­ca­tion home rental. The ad­di­tional in­come you earn can be used to pay off the mort­gage, with the ex­cess por­tion set aside for fu­ture in­vest­ments.

In the long run, you can opt to sell it at a higher price. The real es­tate mar­ket has been boom­ing for the past few years, and with prop­erty prices con­tin­u­ing to rise, you al­ways have the op­tion to re­sell your prop­erty when its value goes up. This means that you can earn a size­able profit from this in­vest­ment.

It’s a piece of in­her­i­tance you can pass on to your chil­dren. It’s not just about ma­te­rial posses­sion, which you leave as a legacy to fu­ture gen­er­a­tions, but it’s also about cre­at­ing and pass­ing on the feel­ing of be­long­ing to a home or a fam­ily. Think of it as leav­ing both a tan­gi­ble and in­tan­gi­ble gift to your loved ones.

En­joy in­de­pen­dence within the com­forts of your own home. Hav­ing your own house and lot means you have the pri­vacy and se­cu­rity you and your fam­ily need. With a space ex­clu­sively for you, you can get the most out of life do­ing the things that give you ful­fill­ment.

There is a sense of pride that comes with own­ing a house and lot—at a prime addr ess at that. Be­ing able to choose where to live is both em­pow­er­ing and re­ward­ing. The mo­ment you sign your name on the sales con­tract marks a huge mile­stone in any home­owner’s life. As time goes by, you’ll dis­cover that noth­ing beats the feel­ing of walk­ing through the front door of your own home at the end of a long day and en­joy­ing the fruits of your la­bor.

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