Pancit Bato

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Orig­i­nat­ing from the town of Bato in Ca­marines Sur, this dish is Bicol’s ver­sion of the pop­u­lar pancit can­ton. The noo­dles used are also Yel­low and made with egg, But are flat­ter and thicker.

Serves 3 to 5 Prep Time 20 min­utes Cook­ing Time 40 min­utes

✔ 2 ta­ble­spoons minced long­gan­isa ng Guino­batan (or use any gar­licky va­ri­ety), plus 1 cup sliced and cooked ✔ 1 medium red onion, sliced ✔ 2 tea­spoons minced gar­lic ✔ ¼ cup soy sauce ✔ 2 ta­ble­spoons fish sauce (patis) ✔ 2 cups chicken stock ✔ black pep­per ✔ 1 cup medium shrimp ✔ 1 cup sliced carrots ✔ 1 cup snow peas (sit­saro), trimmed ✔ 1 cup sliced winged beans (sigar­ilyas)

✔ 1 cup shred­ded cab­bage ✔ 500 grams pancit Bato noo­dles

(avail­able in Robin­sons Su­per­mar­ket) ✔ green onions and cala­mansi, to serve

1 Sauté minced long­gan­isa in a wok or pot over medium heat un­til fat is ren­dered. Add onions and gar­lic; sauté un­til fra­grant. 2 Add soy sauce, fish sauce, and chicken stock. Cover and sim­mer for 20 min­utes. Sea­son with black pep­per. 3 Add shrimp, carrots, and snow peas; mix well. Add sliced long­gan­isa, winged beans, cab­bage, and noo­dles. Stir un­til all liq­uid has been ab­sorbed. Add wa­ter if noo­dles are not yet cooked. Top with green onions. Serve with cala­mansi.

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