Hearty Veg­etable and Bean Stew with Sausages

Cozy up to a stew that makes use of canned sta­ples sit­ting idly in your pantry. It’s so easy to make!

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Serves 4 Prep Time 5 min­utes Cook­ing Time 12 min­utes

✔ 2 ta­ble­spoons olive oil ✔ 1 cup sliced

Hun­gar­ian sausage ✔ 2 ta­ble­spoons chopped

white onions ✔ 1 ta­ble­spoon chopped gar­lic ✔ ¼ cup sliced cel­ery ✔ 1 bay leaf ✔ 1 tea­spoon dried oregano ✔ ¼ cup cubed pota­toes ✔ 1 (400-gram) can

whole toma­toes ✔ 1 (400-gram) can peas and

car­rots, drained and rinsed ✔ ½ cup canned pinto beans,

drained and rinsed

✔ 1 tea­spoon sugar ✔ salt and pep­per ✔ basil leaves, to gar­nish

1 Heat olive oil in a pot over high heat. Fry sausages un­til browned, about 2 to 3 min­utes. 2 Add onions, gar­lic, cel­ery, bay leaf, and oregano; sauté for 1 to 2 min­utes. 3 Add pota­toes and whole toma­toes; lower heat and bring to a slow boil. Crush toma­toes us­ing the back of a wooden spoon. 4 Add peas, car­rots, and pinto beans; mix well. Sim­mer for 2 to 3 min­utes. 5 Add ½ cup wa­ter if mix­ture is too thick. Sea­son to taste with sugar, salt, and pep­per. Gar­nish with basil leaves. Serve hot.

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