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Up North, golf cour­ses are dis­tri­bu­ted by co­ast - Opor­to Golf Club, Mi­ra­mar and Es­tre­la - and the moun­tai­nous are­as of the in­te­ri­or -Pon­te de Li­ma, Ama­ran­te and Vi­da­go. Built by the be­a­ch of Es­pi­nho on the En­glish com­mu­nity’s ini­ti­a­ti­ve at that ti­me re­si­dent in Opor­to, ope­ned in 1890; the Opor­to Golf Club is the ol­dest in Por­tu­gal and the se­cond ol­dest in the Eu­ro­pe­an con­ti­nent. It’s at this ge­nui­ne cour­se - full of tra­di­ti­on - that sin­ce 1891 that the ol­dest com­pe­ti­ti­on ta­kes pla­ce: the Skef­fing­ton Cup. The Mi­ra­mar is al­so one of the ol­dest golf cour­ses in the coun­try. Its 9 ho­les, so­me of whi­ch ha­ve te­es si­tu­a­ted at the top of the du­nes, are al­most all fra­med by stun­ning vi­ews of the oce­an. The Es­tre­la is lo­ca­ted in Rio Al­to, Pó­voa do Var­zim, in an area of sand du­nes and of gre­at be­auty. This link, built in 1988 by the drafts of ar­chi­tect Duarte Sot­to­mayor, who­se plans plan­ted sh­rubs and tre­es, of whi­ch 400 are from the pre­do­mi­nant spe­ci­es of fi­guei­ra-bra­va, wil­low and lo­en­dro. On the moun­tain si­de, the most pre­do­mi­nan­tly no­ted should be the Pon­te de Li­ma and Ama­ran­te. The first is lo­ca­ted in the bu­co­lic Mi­nho, against a back­drop of moun­tains, vi­neyards and or­chards. Its num­ber 3 ho­le (par 5), 622m abo­ve sea le­vel, is the lon­gest of Por­tu­gal and one of the lar­gest in Eu­ro­pe. The se­cond is lo­ca­ted about 600m of al­ti­tu­de, in Quin­ta da De­ve­za, ne­ar Ama­ran­te, against the back­drop of the Ser­ra do Ma­rão and the Tâ­me­ga Ri­ver.

The third. The golf cour­se of the Vi­da­go Pa­la­ce was re­de­sig­ned in 2010 by the firm Ca­me­ron and Powell from a Mac­ken­zie Ross ori­gi­nal, built in 1936. The cour­se was com­ple­tely re­built ac­cor­ding to USGA spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons for te­es and gre­ens, being trans­for­med in­to an 18 ho­le - Par 72 cour­se. It`s cha­rac­te­ris­tics in­clu­de gre­ens and te­es at ele­va­ted le­vels com­pa­red to the fairways. On the golf cour­se the­re are gre­at con­trasts that sha­re the spe­ci­al res­pect for the na­tu­ral sur­roun­dings.

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