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Great re­sults were ob­tained in the Lions tour­na­ment of Ter­ceira is­land,. The cham­pion of 2015, Paulo Barce­los re­gained the ti­tle lost last year to Jorge Soares achiev­ing a mag­nif­i­cent re­sult of 65 strokes: an ea­gle, six birdies, 10 pairs and a bo­gey. In Net, José Hen­rique Car­doso suc­ceeded to the North American Daniel Sell­strom and win the Lion’s 2017, fin­ish­ing with a point of ad­van­tagee over Luís Gomes. In third place was Alexan­dre Neves The event was at­tended by 47 golfers, three more than last year. Mem­bers of the Lion’s Club of Ter­ceira Is­land gath­ered for lunch at the end of a tour­na­ment that also aims to raise funds for Lion’s ac­tiv­i­ties.

Grandes re­sul­ta­dos foram obti­dos na prova dos Lions da ilha Ter­ceira. O campeão de 2015, Paulo Barce­los re­cu­perou o tí­tulo per­dido o ano pas­sado para Jorge Soares al­cançando um mag­ní­fico re­sul­tado de 65 pan­cadas fruto de um cartão com um ea­gle, seis birdies, 10 pares e um boguey. Em Net, José Hen­rique Car­doso sucedeu ao norte-amer­i­cano Daniel Sell­strom como vence­dor, ter­mi­nando com um ponto de avanço so­bre Luís Gomes. Em ter­ceiro fi­cou Alexan­dre Neves Par­tic­i­param nesta prova 47 golfis­tas, a que se jun­taram, ao al­moço, mem­bros do Lion’s Club da Ilha Ter­ceira para o encer­ra­mento de uma prova que tam­bém se, des­tina a an­gariar fun­dos os Lion’s.

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