Anti-psy­chotic drug may treat ag­gres­sive breast can­cer

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Acom­monly-used an­tipsy­chotic drug could also be ef­fec­tive against tripleneg­a­tive breast can­cer, the most dif­fi­cult form of the dis­ease to treat, new re­search has found. The find­ings showed that tu­mours in mice treated with the drug Pi­mozide were 65 per­cent smaller than in un­treated mice and the num­ber of tu­mours re­duced by up to 61 per­cent.

The drug also helped to pre­vent the can­cer from spread­ing: treated mice had up to 94 per­cent fewer metas­tases in the lung than mice who didn’t re­ceive Pi­mozide.

“Triple-neg­a­tive breast can­cer has lower sur­vival rates and in­creased risk of re­cur­rence. It is the only type of breast can­cer for which only lim­ited tar­geted treat­ments are avail­able,” said lead re­searcher Mo­hamed El-Tanani, Pro­fes­sor at the Univer­sity of Bradford in the UK.

“Our re­search has shown that Pi­mozide could po­ten­tially fill this gap. And be­cause this drug is al­ready in clin­i­cal use, it could move quickly into clin­i­cal tri­als,” ElTanani added.

Triple-neg­a­tive breast can­cer is able to grow and spread more quickly than other forms of breast can­cer. Also, be­cause its can­cer cells lack hor­mone re­cep­tors, doc­tors can­not treat them with hor­mone ther­apy. The only treat­ment for these types of can­cer is chemo­ther­apy.

For the study, pub­lished in On­co­tar­get, the team tested Pi­mozide in the lab­o­ra­tory on triple-neg­a­tive breast can­cer cells, non-small cell lung can­cer cells and nor­mal breast cells.

They found that at the high­est dosage used, up to 90 per­cent of the can­cer cells died fol­low­ing treat­ment with the drug, com­pared with only five per­cent of the nor­mal cells.

The study also showed that Pi­mozide drug has the po­ten­tial to treat the most com­mon type of lung can­cer.

Anti-psy­chotic drugs are known to have anti-can­cer prop­er­ties, with some, al­beit in­con­clu­sive, stud­ies show­ing a re­duced in­ci­dence of can­cer among peo­ple with schizophre­nia.– IANS

TREAT­MENT: With Pi­mozide drug, up to 90 per­cent of the can­cer cells died fol­low­ing the treat­ment.

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