Me­teor shower lights up skies over Bos­nia

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Ame­teor shower lit up the skies above east­ern Bos­nia on Satur­day night, giv­ing star gaz­ers a rare op­por­tu­nity to see a dis­play of shoot­ing stars with the naked eye.

“I think that ev­ery­body should see this,” said Mi­ralem Me­hic, a Bos­nian from an in­ter­na­tional group of star gaz­ers who watched the light show at the Sand Pyra­mids – an area of nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring sand col­umns – near the town of Foca.

The so-called Per­seids me­teor shower re­turns to the skies ev­ery Au­gust, and are best viewed in the north­ern hemi­sphere in iso­lated ar­eas where there is lit­tle light pol­lu­tion.

They arise when the Earth passes through the debris of Comet 109P/Swift-Tut­tle, which was dis­cov­ered in 1862.

Me­te­ors are parts of rock and dust that hit the Earth’s at­mos­phere, heat up and glow.

Most va­por­ise as they de­scend, but some ex­plode.

“This year the moon is young and will not ob­struct the vi­sion, so we will be able to see 100 ‘shoot­ing stars’ an hour,” Muhamed Mu­mi­novic, a mem­ber of the Sara­jevo Orion as­tro­log­i­cal so­ci­ety, told Reuters.

A me­teor streaks across the skies over the Sand Pyra­mids dur­ing the peak of the Per­seid me­teor shower in the vil­lage of Mil­jev­ina, near Foca.

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