Тест по ан­глий­ско­му

KP-Teleprogramma - - МЕНЯЙСЯ СО ЗВЕЗДОЙ -

Ка­кие про­це­ду­ры по­мо­га­ют по­ху­деть.

ба­зо­вые цен­тра YES, вам необ­хо­ди­мы Что­бы прой­ти этот тест от

или слоВставь­те про­пу­щен­ное сло­во зна­ния ан­глий­ско­го язы­ка.

пред­ло­жен­ных ва­ри­ан­тов. во­со­че­та­ние, вы­брав его из

ma’am! 1. Receptionist: Good evening,

<...>. Alicia: Good evening, I want to a) check b) check in c) check out

a reservation? 2. Receptionist: Do you <...> a) write b) take c) have Alicia: Yes, I do.

name? 3. Receptionist: What’s your Alicia: Romero.

that, please? Receptionist: Could you <...> a) repeat b) say c) translate Alicia: Romero. Alicia Romero.

Romero. a single or double room? Alicia 4. Receptionist: Do you need Alicia: Single, <...>. a) thank you b) please c) welcome

in <...> or by credit card? 5. Receptionist: Are you paying a) money b) dollars c) cash Alicia: I’ll pay by card.

<...>. you to complete this registration 6. Receptionist: Ok. I just need a) form b) hotel c) room

<...> today? 7. Alicia: Uh, sorry what’s the a) day b) date c) data

<...>. are in room 1631. Here is your 8. Receptionist: May 23rd. You a) key b) pen c) phone Alicia: Thank you very much!

- 3 с, - 2 b, - 1 ОТ­ВЕ­ТЫ: a. - 8 b,- 7 a, - 6 с, - 5 b, - 4 а,

мно­го го­во­рит, пи­шет и чи­та­ет.

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