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There was a time when I had no idea there are fashion industry and glossy magazines. All I knew were Zverev and Zaytsev. Probably, that's why I ended up studying tax law for eight years. I graduated from college cum laude, then got a diploma from the university. It was all right, but I never plied this trade for a single day. First I imagined I'm a model and did "successful" shoots for Freak Frak and Biglion coupons, then decided to become a stylist. Like it always happens in a fairy tale, there was a chance meeting with Alexei Pantykin who gave me the assistant's job at FW magazine. Then Oksana On invited me to SNC, where it's Editor-in- chief Nataliya Arkhangelskaya thought it reasonable to give a fashion director's job to someone with a week's experience.

Thank you, Natasha, for letting me drop girls from the roof during photoshoots, get hundreds of MCHS boys together for a shoot and hanging models up at the 7th floor's height. For believing in me and for still helping me! Also, thanks to another person who's around 24/ 7.

Did I dream of a Numéro job? No. But there's no other magazine on the Russian market where I would be able to do what I want.

September's issue is an offspring of the whole team; we worked together days and nights for the last month. What's it about? For whom or for what? Let everybody decide for themselves; comment to me directly at @numero_glavred. For me personally, this is a collection of stuff that every stylist, make-up artist, photographer, model or enthusiast must know about fashion. I have an answer for another question, though: "What are we here for?" Somebody has to do fashion in this town!

Love and kisses, yours for this issue,

Igor Andreev

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