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Be­lieve it or not, ex­perts say that de­pend­ing on body type, it's ac­tu­ally re­al­is­tic to drop five pounds in five days, or at least trim enough inches to make it look like you have. Im­por­tantly, none of th­ese tips in­volve crash di­ets or weird pills, but in­stead of­fer healthy ways to shave off those pesky cou­ple of pounds so you can look svelte at party time.

Slash Your Sodium

For a quick­fire bloat re­ducer, cut your sodium in­take to less than 500 mg per day. One ad­di­tional trick - the more potas­sium you con­sume, the more your body will get rid of sodium, so grab potas­sium rich pota­toes, co­conut wa­ter, ba­nanas, can­taloupes and or­anges as op­posed to pro­cessed foods.

Get Reg­u­lar

Em­bar­rass­ing topic, maybe, but mov­ing those bow­els is an ef­fec­tive route to a flat stom­ach and fewer pounds. Nat­u­ral aids to reg­u­lar­ity are more ef­fec­tive than lax­a­tives for bowel well­be­ing. Eat­ing 35 to 40g of fi­bre a day will keep you mov­ing and look­ing like you've lost 5 pounds.

Make the Most of Your Time

It's good to be as ac­tive as you can every­day – park­ing in the fur­thest space from the su­per­mar­ket, tak­ing the stairs in­stead of the lift - but go fur­ther and turn help­ful ac­tiv­i­ties into train­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties. 1. While brush­ing your teeth, do 50 squats as quickly as pos­si­ble with­out drib­bling all over your­self - brush­ing and squat­ting might take some prac­tice but it's worth it. 2. Don't sit around chat­ting on the phone, - stand up and do heel raises. Stand with your heels to­gether and toes turned out, then rise to your toes and lower down for 20 reps.

Cut the Sugar from Your Drinks

Empty calo­ries in sug­ary drinks are detri­men­tal to any diet, and sugar is hid­den in many bev­er­ages, in­clud­ing milk, nondairy milks and juices (fruit and veg­gie). Even nat­u­ral ad­di­tives like cane or corn syrup, agave or honey, con­trib­ute to weight gain, es­pe­cially belly fat. The goal is not to re­place sugar with ar­ti­fi­cial, non-caloric sweet­en­ers, but if you must add a lil sweet­ness to your morn­ing joe or tea, or­ganic Ste­via or Xyl­i­tol are good sub­sti­tutes.

Empty calo­ries in sug­ary drinks are detri­men­tal to any diet, and sugar is hid­den in many bev­er­ages, in­clud­ing milk

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