How to re­move EYE MAKEUP with­out re­mov­ing lashes!

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It’s one thing to en­joy gild­ing the lily dur­ing the day, but not so much fun ev­ery night when it comes time to take it all off, and eye make-up can be the trick­i­est. Too much force and you’ll lose lashes and ir­ri­tate the skin un­der the eyes. If this is you, you’re not do­ing it right!

Do a first pass First, you should do a gen­eral clean sweep. Don’t worry about the par­tic­u­lars, just use a gen­tle wipe or gel to re­move most of the makeup on your face. For heavy (or stage) makeup, you may need to use a more sub­stan­tial prod­uct, such as an oil-based cleanser.

Cleanse thor­oughly Splash tepid wa­ter on your face and gen­tly mas­sage face wash all over, in­clud­ing the eye area, just keep your eyes closed! Then, pat skin dry with a towel.

Take care of eye makeup residue To get rid of the re­main­ing bits of liner, mas­cara, and so forth, use a mild, fra­grance­free eye makeup re­mover with a cot­ton ball to help pre­vent dam­ag­ing the skin or lashes. Be gen­tle: press the cot­ton ball onto the lid, hold for a few seconds, then lightly wipe. NOTE: It’s im­por­tant not to rub as this can stretch and worsen wrin­kles, which is why us­ing mild prod­ucts and a light touch is im­por­tant. If you’ve been an eye-rub­ber for years, don’t fret. Dam­age is re­versible when you stop rub­bing so change your habits now, and you should di­min­ish wrin­kles and fine lines in the long run!

Hydrate hydrate hydrate When putting on eye cream, the well-known ad­vice holds true: dab it un­der­neath your eyes us­ing your ring fin­ger, be­cause it’s dif­fi­cult to ap­ply too much pres­sure with this digit.

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