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I’m one lucky lady. I mean, se­ri­ously! I learn so much from the peo­ple I meet in the course of do­ing this job. You know what? We fe­males truly are amaz­ing. My friend and spin­ning part­ner Ger­maine Wa­ters says I’m “a Re­nais­sance woman” and I’m not about to ar­gue with that. Es­pe­cially when she de­fines the breed (while we try to keep up with our in­struc­tor Cathy) as “a woman who is com­fort­able with whom she is; has noth­ing to prove; em­braces her­self and is ab­so­lutely happy with ev­ery­thing she has be­come.”

Well, that’s cer­tainly good enough for me. Have I men­tioned I’m up in the air over Mi­ami en-route to New York, where I’ll hook up with my fab­u­lous friend Cybelle? A cou­ple hours ago I was at the 2014 Fall Trends show put on by Mac Cos­met­ics. Is that won­der­ful, or what? Hang­ing out with the one and only Gisel Calvillo, friend and make-up artist to the stars, sur­rounded by wall-to-wall beauty. I tell you, the ladies of MAC know the mean­ing of LBD— lit­tle black dress. The night be­fore the show I had a hel­luva time with old pals Novia, San­dra and Wal­ter Greene, the only man I know who asks mean­ing­ful ques­tions about eye­shadow and lip­stick colours!

A few weeks ago I was one of the spe­cially in­vited guests at sexy mil­lion­aire Sir Richard Branson’s party to launch Vir­gin’s new uni­forms, de­signed by the iconic Vivi­enne West­wood. Also on hand at the très chic Shored­itch venue were my old bud­dies Neysha Sood­een of Maco and Bev­erly Layne of Vir­gin Air­lines. Hey, in case you’re won­der­ing, London re­mains as ever the great­est city in all the world. London doesn’t just “swing like a pen­du­lum do,” the city rocks like no other! (For proof of that check page 64.)

What makes my ad­ven­tures so mah-va-lous are the peo­ple: pub­lish­ers, pho­tog­ra­phers, ed­i­tors, writ­ers, stylists, de­sign­ers—all of them from the Caribbean. We talk about what we do, the tough en­vi­ron­ment we work in, the feel­ing of not be­ing as ap­pre­ci­ated as we’d like. We moan and we gripe and then we head for the al­ways well-stocked bars. Or we try to at­tract an at­trac­tive garçon to serve us more li­ba­tions. Soon we are all with­out a care in the world, laugh­ing our heads off at each other’s faux pas, our more em­bar­rass­ing mo­ments and so on. Or we talk about art, fash­ion, pho­tog­ra­phy. The best part is the way we’ve sup­ported one another’s ef­forts over the years.

In London and Mi­ami ev­ery­one ex­pressed grat­i­tude to folks like Sir Richard and our friends at MAC for invit­ing us to their fab­u­lous par­ties. They help lighten our load.

I am es­pe­cially hon­oured to have on our cover Saint Lu­cian icon Shala Mon­roque, who was a big hit at Hot Cou­ture last May. Shala is widely cel­e­brated as a style guru and with good rea­son. Re­cently Town & Coun­try voted her one of Amer­ica’s most in­ter­est­ing women. So how does a girl from tiny Saint Lu­cia not only end up on the cover of one of the world’s lead­ing mag­a­zines but also the toast of New York? Great ques­tion. And I prom­ise you the an­swers to this and sev­eral other ques­tions we put to Shala dur­ing her most re­cent visit back home are noth­ing short of in­spir­ing.

Mean­while, I have more rea­sons to cel­e­brate: another birth­day. And I’m happy to re­port I feel ab­so­lutely won­der­ful. I am more than ever com­fort­able in my skin, and, as the English say, al­to­gether chuffed with who I am. I guess Ger­maine was right after all. So, say hello to this Re­nais­sance woman. And while we’re at it, pat your­self on the back, fel­low Re­nais­sance ladies!


Left: Shop­ping in London is so much fun! Right: With friend and fel­low Re­nais­sance woman

Ger­maine W Wa­ters ers after a spin­ning class.

With the amaz­ing MAC team at the 2014 Fall Trends show in Mi­ami

Cover girl Shala Mon­roque & Hair Stylist Emile

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