PAR­ENT­ING IS NOT A SU­PER­POWER The best laid plans of mice and women can fall apart when the re­al­i­ties of life get in the way of be­ing a per­fect par­ent. Go easy on your­self. You're only hu­man af­ter all.

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Ihad a good laugh at a friend when she re­alised out loud that she had bit­ten off more than she ex­pected to chew when she ar­rived in Mummy Land. At the time, she was nurs­ing her week-old princess. Of course, I felt com­pelled to in­form her that she was to have many, many more of those “omg!” mo­ments, as well as other times when she would ques­tion her ef­fi­ciency and suc­cess as a par­ent.

I cer­tainly com­mis­er­ate with all those who ever vowed to be the most per­fect par­ents in the Milky Way. Res­o­lu­tions to never yell, never miss bed­time, at­tend ev­ery Christ­mas pro­duc­tion, along with a mil­lion and one other vows, have of­ten gone the way of bro­ken toys when re­al­ity hit. When we fall short of our high ideals, we are guilt-rid­den and won­der if our chil­dren are neg­a­tively af­fected by our way­ward­ness.

Sigh. I've fallen off the res­o­lu­tion wagon so many times I’m more than qual­i­fied to say, ‘hey, it's okay. Don't bash your­self. Give it an­other go.' Far from be­ing the per­fect par­ent, here's where it's at for me:

be­hav­iour. Con­nec­tions re­quire qual­ity and quan­tity time. I'm a hugger so they get lots of hugs and kisses. I spend time talk­ing to each girl alone and to­gether. Ev­ery child re­mem­bers and trea­sures most the times spent with their par­ents. Some­times all they need is your at­ten­tion for five min­utes to tell you about their day. Grab each mo­ment—the most

pre­cious ones don't come around twice.

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