‘Deeper’ Sex with Tantra Not all of us may be into spir­i­tu­al­ity, but if there's a form of sex that in­creases in­ti­macy and cre­ates a mind-body con­nec­tion that can lead to pow­er­ful or­gasms, who wouldn't want to learn more? Any bit of help will do, right? An

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Tantric ex­perts be­lieve that if you ex­tend the time and ef­fort you put into sex, you will reach a higher and more in­tense form of ec­stasy. The good news is that tantric sex isn't about get­ting to the fin­ish line. The trick is to take your mind off your or­gasm—I know, I know!—and in­stead fo­cus on mak­ing fore­play en­joy­able and re­ward­ing un­til you're ready to take it to its nat­u­ral end. This is eas­ier said than done of course, so to de­lay or­gasm, tantric sex ex­perts use a va­ri­ety of meth­ods in­clud­ing med­i­ta­tive tech­niques, breath con­trol and mas­sage. Here are a few tips on how you can get started tonight! First, turn down the lights and shut out the rest of the world . . .

LOOSEN YOUR BODY: Tantra is about mov­ing en­ergy through the body, so ex­perts sug­gest shak­ing your limbs vig­or­ously to en­er­gise and un­block your sys­tem be­fore you start.

Your bed will trig­ger the sleep but­ton in your brain, which means you'll be set­tling for a quickie in­stead of a deep con­nec­tion and lov­ing sex, which is ul­ti­mately what Tantra is all about. Try ly­ing down with your part­ner on the floor and slowly start to touch each other, tak­ing your time to make your way slowly and leisurely around their body.

Try a va­ri­ety of touches— firm mas­sage, light feath­ery ca­resses and gen­tle stroking. The aim is If you find your mind start­ing to wan­der, re­fo­cus on your breath­ing. In­hale as your part­ner ex­hales and vice versa—it can help im­prove the con­nec­tion be­tween the two of you and keep your mind on what's hap­pen­ing.

If you don't last be­yond 10 min­utes, try again. Tantric sex takes time to get to grips with be­cause we're all used to sex in a western way—mean­ing we ex­pect sex to have an ob­vi­ous start, mid­dle and end.

So take some time to get Tantric, and let me know how it goes!

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