CHOOS­ING CHOISELLE Multi-level hy­dra­tion for ev­ery woman. Choiselle is a line of ar­ti­sanal bath and body­care prod­ucts, orig­i­nally cre­ated in the kitchen of founder, Ny­dia Norville, who hails from Saint Lu­cia and lives in New York. With their nat­u­ral and

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Are Choiselle prod­ucts pri­mar­ily for black skin, or are they suit­able for all skin types? NN: Choiselle skin­care prod­ucts are suit­able for all skin types

We all need mois­ture! What Choiselle prod­uct do you rec­om­mend if you are … 20-some­thing on a beach week­end? NN: I highly rec­om­mend our quick ab­sorb­ing bath & body oils af­ter spend­ing time at the beach. Long pe­ri­ods of sun ex­po­sure tend to de­plete the skin of mois­ture and nu­tri­ents. Our oils in­clude jo­joba oil, whose chem­i­cal make up closely re­sem­bles the nat­u­ral se­bum pro­duced by our skin, which makes them an ideal choice to re­hy­drate and re­plen­ish the skin with nu­tri­ents that were lost. leav­ing an oily residue. If your skin is mod­er­ately dry, then our lo­tions are great, be­cause I de­vel­oped them to de­liver a medium level of hy­dra­tion to the skin. If your skin is ex­tremely dry, Choiselle's nu­tri­ent rich body but­ter will de­liver the lux­u­ri­ous hy­dra­tion that your skin is crav­ing. early years? NN: Any of the prod­ucts within our laven­der col­lec­tion can help with sun dam­age. Laven­der es­sen­tial oil con­tains adap­to­gen com­pounds, which help the body to adapt to var­i­ous stres­sors in­duced by the en­vi­ron­ment, and aid cell re­gen­er­a­tion and growth.

… 50-some­thing who is re­ally feel­ing their skin’s age? NN: As we age, our skin is prone to dry­ness and loss of elas­tic­ity, which causes wrin­kles. I rec­om­mend our body but­ters be­cause they have a lux­u­ri­ously tex­tured, creamy for­mula that im­me­di­ately re­lieves dry, chapped skin, re­plen­ishes es­sen­tial mois­ture and re­stores sup­ple­ness, bal­ance and skin ra­di­ance.

What Saint Lu­cian herbs and prepa­ra­tions do you specif­i­cally re­mem­ber from the times when you were learn­ing from your grand­mother? NN: As a child, I had very long, thick hair so to tame my tresses, my grand­mother washed it us­ing a paste made from the leaves and flow­ers of the hibis­cus plant grow­ing in her yard, which she mixed with wa­ter. The paste worked as a con­di­tion­ing agent, mak­ing my hair in­cred­i­bly soft and man­age­able.

I also re­mem­ber around the age of five, sit­ting on a stool in our kitchen, watch­ing my grand­mother make co­conut oil from scratch. I was fas­ci­nated by the 2-day process which yielded oil that we used for every­thing-—cook­ing, in our hair and on our skin.

How do the prod­ucts han­dle the Caribbean life­style of heat and hu­mid­ity, sun, sea and salt? Do the for­mu­la­tions stay the same de­spite the cli­mate? NN: Since all of our ar­ti­sanal skin­care prod­ucts are 100% nat­u­ral and are nat­u­rally pre­served, it is rec­om­mended to keep them in a cool, dry place. In warmer cli­mates, our body but­ters will be softer and in colder cli­mates firmer, yet still mal­leable.

What’s your per­sonal fa­vorite Choiselle prod­uct and why? NN: Well, it de­pends on the cli­mate. Less hy­dra­tion is needed in warmer cli­mates and more mois­ture in colder tem­per­a­tures. When I'm in the Caribbean, I love our body oils and lo­tions be­cause of their light tex­ture. I will use laven­der be­fore I go to bed to aid with re­lax­ation and sleep. Lemon­grass smells amaz­ing and is a nat­u­ral in­sect re­pel­lent and the ylang ylang is a great scent to wear for a night out on the town. In win­ter and colder cli­mates, my skin tends to be re­ally dry and I like us­ing our body but­ters to give it a nu­tri­ent-rich boost of hy­dra­tion.

All our prod­ucts work so well for what their in­tended use so it's hard to re­ally choose a sin­gle favourite. Ny­dia Norville,

founder of ar­ti­sanal bath

and body care prod­ucts


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