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Woy ma­mai la, a-a, Noel la wive’. Yeah boy, de sea­son is here and although all we get­ting’ from we big-belly Santa is bridges to nowhere while de Vat killing we. Baron Money: So ah hear de other day Ti Chas was in Sul­phur City and he end up in Baron’s Drive lim­ing with de boys dere. Okay, so he dere doin’ a lit­tle pol­i­tick­ing be­cause we all know de man have a sul­phur gros pwel. Is like de man give us a big phrase in 2011 “Pain en pa­nyew” and up to now he eh have noth­ing to show for it. Any­way de day after his Baron’s visit, de Red Chief and Leo de Lion show up de same place with de boys on de block. Boy, ah hear notes pass by de hun­dreds. Later a fella who get money end up curs­ing de chief. De fella say de chief eh do­ing noth­ing for de peo­ple. Talk about bit­ing de red hand . . .

House On Da Hill: Now some­one whis­pered to Biky B re­cently dat Ti Chas buy a big yel­low house on a hill. Now what Biky B hear is dat de house right on de bor­der of Vieux Fort North and Mi­coud South. So what Biky want to know is whether de man still try­ing to make up his mind where he run­ning or if all dat is a new strat­egy?

White Lines: Up to now both SLASPA and de po­lice silent about another drug find on a plane down at He­wanorra. From what Biky B hear it seem to be an inside job. But for now is like SLASPA have more im­por­tant tings to worry about. Like where to park all dem planes com­ing for de win­ter sea­son and who dey go find to man­age de air­port.

Sand In Your Toes: Boy, peo­ple still want to know who ex­actly it is dat sell­ing Looshan white sand to Bill Gates after de news turn up on a web­site. De way Biky read it is like de man get­ting an an­nual sup­ply of He­len sand for one of his coastal man­sions. Now some peo­ple say is from some il­le­gal sand min­ing while oth­ers say de ship­ment is sanc­tioned from top gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials. What ah go say? Is like dey sell­ing we seabeds, we sand, and we land from right un­der our you know what.

Any­way peo­ple ah go pause for de while and ah go check all you again next week. Mean­while doh for­get to send me any beans you find ly­ing around okay. You can send dem to me at bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com.

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