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S o it’s the na­tional day hol­i­day (De­cem­ber 13) and I thought I would com­pile a top five of songs cel­e­brat­ing the beauty and majesty and all that we are proud of about Saint Lu­cia. And there is still a lot for us to be proud of when it comes to Saint Lu­cia, in­clud­ing our two Nobel lau­re­ates, Sir Arthur Lewis and Derek Wal­cott, our twin Pi­tons, drive-in vol­cano, beaches, fo­liage and scenery. Even our abil­ity to speak Kweyol (some of us that is), is some­thing to cel­e­brate.

In more re­cent times our na­tional pride has been re­stored with the suc­cesses of per­sons like Chef Nina Comp­ton on the in­ter­na­tional stage while sons and daugh­ters like Dun­stan St. Omer, Dr. Stephen King, Dr. Par­ris and young lead­ers like Louise Vic­tor and Lau­rah John con­tinue to give us hope. But for now its about our mu­sic, our songs, the ones that we keep on singing about this beau­ti­ful isle called Saint Lu­cia. 10. Sent Lisi Sé an Joli Péyi, Frank Norville - A pi­o­neer in Folk mu­sic, this one is a cre­ole gem from Frank Norville. 9. I love this land where I was born, Ce­cil­ian Rayes -This group from Anse La Raye has sang of the beauty of Fair He­len for decades. 8. Belle Nou Belle, Rea­sons - Lead singer Robbi upped the tempo on this Soca - Zouk num­ber on the beauty of his home­land and its peo­ple. 7. Blue, White, Black, Yel­low, Em­rand Henry - Singing this one with much gusto Em­rand Henry uses the colours of the na­tional flag to sig­nal his na­tional pride. 6. Na­tion­al­ity, Mongstar -This is Mongstar’s follow up to Saint Lu­cia We Love stamp­ing his true iden­tity with pride. 5. Saint Lu­cia, Ce­cil­ian Rayes - A folk song lul­laby for coun­try. 4. That Beau­ti­ful Isle, Frank Norville - Fond mem­o­ries of singing this one at school. 3. Saint Lu­cia We Love, Mongstar - For a younger gen­er­a­tion Mongstar in­stilled in them re­newed na­tional pride when he re­leased this So­carized na­tional song re­cently. 2. Saint Lu­cia Unite, San­dra Lorde - A pa­tri­otic re­leased in the 80’s after the is­land gained in­de­pen­dence in 1979. It calls on Saint Lu­cians at home and abroad to come to­gether, 1. Beau­ti­ful Isle, He­wanorra Voices -This song could have eas­ily been a sec­ond na­tional an­them, if ever there was such a thing. The choral singing is won­der­ful as the song cap­tures the beauty of the land in the first verse, the dis­tin­guished sons and daugh­ters in the sec­ond and love for coun­try as a Saint Lu­cian wher­ever we may go. It ends with a call for wis­dom to guide our hearts and minds as we carry out our pro­gres­sive plans and cries out for our lead­ers to al­ways be up­right.

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