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Free­bies: Talk­ing about all dat jazz a tweedy bird tell me some­one de­cide to look at tings from a rear-view mir­ror per­spec­tive. It turn out ah whole bunch of hang­ers-on used to have dere name on ah per­former’s en­tourage when in fact dey had nuthin to do with the per­former’s per­for­mance. Nice way to hand your friend’s ah all ex­penses paid va­ca­tion. Biky B want to know who knew about dat when it was hap­penin’!

Cre­ole Medicine: So ah see a va­cancy in de pa­pers last week­end for a PR per­son at St. Jude’s. De lucky can­di­date dey say must be able to speak Cre­ole. Some­body tell Biky dey en­quire bout dat and some­one say is de PM dat come up wid de spe­cial or­der, be­cause de hos­pi­tal in his con­stituency. So now Biky want to do: is de abil­ity to speak Cre­ole de lat­est public ser­vice job re­quire­ment? Ah tink, is just a trick to keep cer­tain politi­cians away!

Traf­fick Jam: Boy if only all you was dere in Mi­coud on Satur­day to see four a dem Shams stu­dents doin’ dere ting to soca mu­sic. On top of dat some plus-size chicks was showin’ dem how nice Looshan woman can be, buyin’ dem Pi­ton af­ter Pi­ton. Lookin’ on was some lo­cals wid de right kinda hair an’ I wouldn’t be sur­prised if dey picked up a les­son or two from de vis­i­tors about to win friends and get un­der de in­flu­ence . . . Know what ah mean?

Strip-Down: Ah doh know where dey get dem women from dat shakin’ up tings at de lat­est strip joint up north. But maysyay ah eh ly­ing, eh. Some ah dem gals look like dey is pen­sion­ers. And is not only sins of de flesh dat goin’ on in holi­est of con­stituen­cies where de rep have a big macko cross around her neck. Ev­ery­where you turn some­body takin’ bets. Den again, dey safe life’s a gam­ble, right? De man prom­ise jobs, jobs, jobs. He never say what kinda jobs, eh. Well, peo­ple ah go­ing an’ check out de Jazz scene now. Ah know some of you go get some juicy stuff

too, so doh for­get to share, okay. You can email me at bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com.

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