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When some­one is out to get you they will stop at noth­ing. But what they don’t re­al­ize is things are com­ing back to bite them in the butt. – Sharla

I never knew Me­sach was soooo amaz­ing. Wow! Mate need to re­lease a new al­bum quick. – Thomas

I wish karma used to work faster. It’s so an­noy­ing watch­ing peo­ple get away with mur­der. - #Impatient

Some­times what peo­ple think is be­ing used against you is be­ing used for your good. There are no co­in­ci­dences in life. – Tina

This week­end was one of the best I have had in a while. It was the per­fect mix of fun and peace. Then I had to go to work. Sigh. – Talia

I hate to see grown women act­ing like lit­tle chil­dren. I mean give the young ones a chance uh. - #Growup

Noth­ing worse than when some­one doesn’t re­al­ize what an id­iot they are. Or even worse when peo­ple refuse to point it out. You are not help­ing them. #Foodforthought

Flo Rida was much bet­ter than I ex­pected. He def­i­nitely made a fan out of me. Loved it! – Jessie

Not a huge reg­gae fan but they im­pressed me this jazz. Might ac­tu­ally pick up some new mu­sic. – Jeff

Pre­ferred the other cov­ers from the past week. That wig is re­ally not do­ing it for me. So un­for­tu­nate look­ing. – Maria

How do you know if you’re mak­ing the right de­ci­sion? Not sure I have a gut. – Karen

I am al­ways late on a bandwagon. Just check what that fella is do­ing to me there. Time to get out for sure. Not me. – Tara

Why do peo­ple al­ways feel they need to get un­der some­body to get over some­one else? En­joy your­self for a while. Free­dom is pre­cious. – Zina

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