Spilling The Beans

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So Jazz done! But as ya’ll done know al­ready, is more bac­cha­nal in your waist com­ing up. And is not just regular car­ni­val ah talk­ing about, eh. Just take a look at wha’ goin’ on in de po­lit­i­cal backyard. Now dat’s what ah call mess, er, I mean, mas. Is me alone smellin’ elec­tion in de air or what?


Now on de sub­ject of elec­tions: some­body tell Biky de party sa­vants tell Chas if he want to win he must form a coali­tion. Dey tell him dat's de trend, look wha’ hap­pen in Trinidad, St. Kitts and now Guyana. Dey even tell Chas to rope in His Majesty de King and de lion heart. But awa! I hear Chas scoff at de idea and he say victory is his and his alone. Wee messieur.


Doh say I say, eh, but it look like dem min­istries have real plumb­ing prob­lems. I eh know if it have any­thing to do with de in­crease in pro­duc­tion of toi­let pa­per, or de pro­posed waste man­age­ment sys­tem. What­ever it is, de gov­ern­ment been keepin’ a cer­tain plumber real busy hop­pin’ from one min­istry to de next. Mean­while, it seem de gov­ern­ment eh know what to do wid a cer­tain su­per PS dat know as much about black­birds on de lam as he know about Lam­birds. We go see wha’ we go see.

Jail­house Rock:

A new head at Borde­lais, but boy tings still eh headin’ in de right di­rec­tion. Just last week de su­per squad at Borde­lais was makin’ a pri­son sweep when all hell break loose. Ah hear when SORTS try to sort tings out de bad Johns turn around and give dem a beat­ing to re­mem­ber. Boy, but dey too em­bar­rass to let de mat­ter go public. Once again is de old cover your ass in op­er­a­tion.

De Num­bers Game:

Ev­ery­where you stop for a bev­er­age dese days, is some red-eye dere brag­gin’ about tourism fig­ures dat go up, but up to now ah eh hear­ing how much more money dem peo­ple spend­ing in de coun­try. What ah hear­ing is how some abus­ing de Nice out­fit de gov­ern­ment have on. De way Bikey get it, de ho­tels pay­ing de Nice in­terns 50 per­cent of dere wages and de gov­ern­ment bor­row­ing to pay de other half. De deal was dat af­ter three months de in­terns sup­pose to get full­time em­ploy­ment. But awa. In­stead of full­time em­ploy­ment at full pay, de ho­tels callin’ for more in­terns ev­ery three months. Hey, is only de gov­ern­ment not cuttin’ costs. Dey bet­ter at cuttin’ ass dat look like grass. En bien.

On dat note Biky B gone. Car­ni­val open­ing this week­end, ah in dat. So what­ever you do watch dem beans and drop one or two by me at Bikyb@st.lu­ci­as­tar.com.

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