The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - CONTENTS - with Biky B On dat note ah go stop here. But doh for­get to keep it safe, keep it cov­ered and if you can doh drop dem beans. Drop me a line at Bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com. Ah go see all you later, ah gone.

Woy­oy­oyyy! De car­ni­val start and de place on fire al­ready boy. But ah eh ly­ing uh, ah still eh hear my song for de sea­son yet. Ah doh know what all you wait­ing for. Any­way, you know nuff tings go­ing on all over de place for de car­ni­val and Biky B in dat, so look­out here ah come.

Whats-App Doc?:

Ah hear dey have a song called “what­sapp” dat go mash up de place. But ah also hear dat song have a lit­tle soaps in it about a cer­tain popular hus­band and wife, a mother-in-law and a boat trip. Biky B eh know about you’ll but ah go have to check dat one out for my­self.

Post It:

Boy oh boy here we go again. Ah eh know why dem women like to put out all their busi­ness on Face­book so. Biky B hear about de mar­ried woman whose hus­band work­ing for a cer­tain tele­coms com­pany who lost her job be­cause a dat. Ah hear de woman put up a pic of de man and de ja­bal at some party de wife had. She then go and put all kinda nasty com­ments un­der de pic about de woman. Well boy de back­lash was swift and now she out of a job. Eh ben bon!

Dead Man Talk­ing:

Talk­ing about ro-ro on Face­book-I eh un­der­stand how some peo­ple could be so heart­less you know. You mean to tell me this guy die in Mar­tinique and his wife was on a so­cial me­dia web­site so­lic­it­ing funds to bring him home for burial. De dead man mother eh see noth­ing bet­ter to do than to go on­line and say how she eh need no money for her son and dat if de wife need money for some­thing else she should say so. You mean to tell me de woman couldn’t call de wife and dis­cuss tings with her. But den again it seems like in dat Chris­tian home there were some real in-law is­sues. If only de dead could talk. In­fec­tious: Peo­ple round town want to know who is de sicko bus driver who al­legedly de­lib­er­ately in­fected his girl­friend and oth­ers with HIV. Biky B hear how de girl try to make a re­port but no­body eh tak­ing her se­ri­ous. Peo­ple ah doh care who is who all you need to take dem HIV/AIDS ting se­ri­ously-pro­tect all you self.

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