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How stunned were you to dis­cover that 27-year-old St Lu­cian record­ing artist Mac 11 was dat­ing a 61-year-old woman? If you were a tad flum­moxed you weren’t the only one. But it’s a tale as old as time. (No pun in­tended.) The con­cept is known as a May-De­cem­ber ro­mance, where quite sim­ply one part­ner is in the spring of their life (May), while the other is fast ap­proach­ing the late stages of win­ter (De­cem­ber). In more com­mon par­lance the woman is termed a cougar, while a man is a sugar-daddy. How­ever in many so­ci­eties, an older fe­male/younger male re­la­tion­ship tends to be way more frowned upon than their male coun­ter­parts. But in re­cent years women have been buck­ing the trend and dis­re­gard­ing naysay­ers. Triple threat en­ter­tainer and all around MILF Jen­nifer Lopez, 45, has been dat­ing 28-year-old dancer Casper Smart since her split from Marc An­thony in 2011. And the queen of the cougars has to be ma­te­rial girl Madonna, 56, who has reg­u­larly dated young; her last shar­ing a 30-year-age gap. But still, 27 and 61? We asked a few guys would you date an older woman and how old are you will­ing to go? No, she will take my youth. If I did date an older woman we would have to be in the same age group, like in her 30’s but not a 40 year-old. The max is 35. She could have all the riches but I wouldn’t. You know 40 can pass depend­ing on how you look. I mean if you 40 and your belly drop al­ready, no. But of you hold your­self well and look not that old then maybe. – Dalan, 30 Yes I would. But here’s the tricky thing. Typ­i­cally I would not go any­thing more than ten years ahead of me but even that is not set in stone be­cause re­ally and truly peo­ple nowa­days in gen­eral are aging dif­fer­ently. So you have older women who are look­ing very good and still fit and ca­pa­ble of living life. It’s not like all 60-year-olds look like a granny. You have 60-year-olds look­ing bet­ter than 30-year-old women. So all that fac­tors. Even then when I say 10 years older, even that is a stretch of the imag­i­na­tion. I can’t think of some­one as far ahead. But there are some women I know who have been at least five years older than me who I have been at­tracted to. I fact there’s a woman in my class who is ten years older than me. She looks fan­tas­tic, pretty, ac­tive. So I wouldn’t re­ally put a limit. It de­pends on the per­son. – Robert, 34 Oh yeah. It de­pends on the per­son to be hon­est. If you re­ally like the per­son you can go older but to me 61 is a lit­tle too old at that age. That’s older than your mother in some cases. I think if you re­ally like the per­son, at the end of the day the age is not go­ing to mat­ter. About ten years should be a nice gap so at least you know they’re younger than your mom. You don’t want to bring some­body to your mother and they older than her. But in a sit­u­a­tion like that when you meet some­one, and you get to know them, age does not be­come an is­sue any­more. Still the pres­sures of so­ci­ety are go­ing to mess with you. You don’t want all your friends telling you you’re with a granny. That might stop you. Es­pe­cially for fel­las. With women it’s prob­a­bly a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. They can date an older guy and it wouldn’t be a prob­lem. – Jesse, 27 What do you think? Weigh in on the de­bate on FB

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