The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - CONTENTS - with Biky B Any­way, peo­ple ah gone. Check me out next week for more beans right here. You can also share your scoops with me at Bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com.

More beans for your meme brains my peeps. But you know Biky B have eyes and ears every­where. And dat mean more scoops.

Cop in Con­tempt: Biky B get to find out how a judge throw de book at lo­cal cop for con­tempt of court. De judge say he have to make an ex­am­ple of de of­fi­cer, who should know bet­ter. So he or­der her to spend a couple of nights in de cal­a­boose. He lucky is not that suites place de judge choose. Ah tell you is like de en­tire force need a Sul­phur Spring bath to wash away all dat modee ting.

Bush Bath: An’ talk­ing about dat, I hear a cer­tain party stal­wart still bruised badly from some­thing de red leader say a while back. In­sid­ers tell Biky B dat back in de the day de red­head said dat all he would rec­om­mend for de hard-work­ing foot sol­dier was a bath and a hair cut. Dat was af­ter some of de red bre­dren sug­gest de man get a lit­tle some­thing for his hard work. Now, years later, de bruised foot sol­dier bad mouthing de reds. He even say he wouldn't mind if he lost his seat in de name of karma.

Un-pres­i­den­tial: So de self-pro­claim pres­i­dent of a cer­tain pseudo repub­lic still us­ing dat "over my dead body” phrase. Dis time it not di­rected at po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents though. He talkin’ about his own boss. Biky B hear de man storm out of a meet­ing when the con­sen­sus was he should step down to make way for a fresh red bean from Lon­don. At first de prez just laugh. He couldn’t be­lieve de brud­ders was se­ri­ous about some­thing so hi­lairi­ous. But when he see he alone was laugh­ing, well, de man pick up his brief­case and walk out. Don’t ask if he had any lu­bri­cants of diplo­matic in­ter­course in dere.

Drug Fi­asco: De more tings change . . . All how Biky B look at it, jus­tice not dis­trib­uted evenly in dis coun­try. Look how quiet ev­ery­one is about de most re­cent He­wanorra drug fi­asco. De last Biky B hear is dey ar­rest some­one dat is a rel­a­tive of a cer­tain ed­u­ca­tion of­fi­cial. But de ting so hush-hush is only rats Biky smelling. Maybe is de same rats dat so fat from eat­ing ev­i­dence wher­ever dey see it. Hmmm.

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